Cute Cork Leprechaun Craftfor Senior Activities

cork leprechaun craft

This page started out with just a cork leprechaun craft idea, but we’ve now also added more below.

The little leprechaun above is made of corks! (And perhaps the leprechauns are from Cork County itself). I used two different types of corks.

One came from a champagne bottle and had a rounded top that looked like a head. The other was a straight cylindrical type. So use what you have around – if you get the right shape, you can even re-use it to cork a bottle. Like a good ale.

I also used a variety of other items from home to add the finishing touches. I’ll explain in the directions and offer alternative suggestions below.

These will make very easy senior activity ideas. Use what you have at home, or encourage your group to bring in odds and ends to use or to share.

Leprechaun Craft Ideas

Round Cork Leprechaun

You will need:
Cork with rounded top
Green acrylic paint and brush – for rim at bottom of cork (or use ribbon)
Round black plastic bottle top for hat top – any item can be painted black also
Circle of black felt for hat rim – or colored paper
Green ribbon for hat band
Beard material (I used orange yarn –or try fleece, fake fur, or cut paper)
2 small googly eyes
Back and red find tip markers to draw face
Two stick pins with round tips for arms – (or use toothpicks)
Chocolate gold coin for stand
Craft glue – I used Tacky glue

This is really easy to assemble. First, paint a green decorative band at the bottom of the cork. Or just glue on wide ribbon. Let it dry. Glue the black bottle top onto a circle of black felt that you’ve cut out.

Next glue on a length of ribbon to fit around the hat for its band. Glue the hat onto the head. Glue on the eyes.

Then draw the nose, mouth and cheeks. When you have the face in place, you will see where to glue on the beard.

Poke the stick pins in for arms. If you use toothpicks (green would be fun), then I suggest digging a small hole into the cork first, as the cork is hard and a toothpick may break if you try to just poke it in.

Put a dab of glue at the end of the toothpick to keep it in place. Then put the leprechaun craft on top of its chocolate coin. Fun to give away or use at tables.

Straight Cork Leprechaun

You will need:
Straight cylinder cork (or one that is tapered works great too)
Craft glue
Beard material (I used orange yarn –or try fleece, fake fur, or cut paper)
Large button for hat rim (or use black paper)
Spool for hat top
Black acrylic paint and brush
Ribbon for hat band
2 small googly eyes
Black and red fine tip markers to draw face
Chocolate gold coin for stand

This little cork leprechaun craft can even be used as a temporary cork – with a bottle of ale, perhaps. Or root beer? It’s one of our very easy craft ideas and quick to assemble.

First I painted the spool black, let it dry, and then glued it onto the button. Next, glue on the ribbon hat band. When dry, glue the hat onto the cork top. Under the hat is where you make the face.

It’s easiest to glue the googly eyes on first, then draw on the other features. Glue the beard on under the mouth. That’s it! Then just put your leprechaun craft on its stand. (Or into a bottle of beer or root beer, if you’re serving it).

These are really fun senior activities, and great to make in a group too. When my 28-year old son saw these cork leprechauns, he immediately wanted them. So they’re sure to be a hit.

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