Free Leaf Template Ideas

Our leaf template ideas are ideal for so many arts and crafts projects. Use them for your crafts for seniors, many elderly activities in which you’d like a design to copy, and many other projects — all year round.

 After all, leaves are one of the most obvious elements of nature that show the change in seasons. So with projects, leaf designs are really easily to modify and be flexible with.

These leaf designs are copyrighted, but you can feel free to use any of them for your personal or group projects.

Think in terms of the season you are using them for, then simply change the colors. Use fall colors for autumn themes. Add a frosty look around the edges of leaves for winter. Greens are great in summer, of course. And spring greens for spring. You can repeat the patterns down the side of a page for a border effect. Or repeat them all over a page. You could use the mirror image technique, putting two of the patterns side by side, but facing in opposite directions.

Also try combining these leaf designs with some of our flower templates for a different type of arrangement. Or add in birds or butterflies. If you want to get fancier, use them as the “foreground” in front of another scene that’s behind, in the background. Like a landscape, forest scene, seascape, or field or farm scene. Feel free to use the leaf template patterns in segments too. You don’t have to use the whole thing. Maybe a part of a branch, or just a leaf or two, or a leaf and an acorn, etc.

Many of these leaf template ideas can instantly have an interesting texture of pattern to it. Trace them onto patterned fabric, wallpaper, wrapping paper, even magazine pictures. For instance, you can take a maple leaf pattern, and trace it onto a magazine picture that is full of orange colors, like a fall leaf scene, pumpkins, or orange flowers. You will get a nice orange color to your leaf, plus a unique pattern within the shape as well.

These leaf template and designs can be used with woodworking, painting on wood, glass etching, faux stained glass, quilting, collages, greeting cards, posters and flyers, mobile projects, embroidery and needlework, and paintings. All you have to do is stretch your imagination!

Copyright Notice — Please note that art work on this web site is copyrighted and may not be sold, distributed or published. Thank you.

Our Leaf Template Ideas

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