Cool January Senior Activities

Now that the holidays are done, you may need some new January senior activities to keep the month interesting. We have games, crafts, field trips, music, parties, treats to make, and more.

There’s lots going on, no matter what your climate! Like watching the animals and birds outdoors. Maybe take a few photos and use them as craft and/or art inspirations. Get lots more ideas too on our easy craft ideas page.

Themes:  Snowflakes, icicles, white owls, penguins, snowmen, cardinals, birds with snow, animals in snow, ice skates, skis and poles, sleds, tree branches with snow, bird houses with snow, steaming cup of tea or coffee.
(Use the snowman below as an inspiration)…

Our January Senior Activities

Commemorations for January

National Skating Month – It may be that most seniors no longer skate. But enjoy the skating theme for your January senior activities by watching skating shows or competitions on TV, and using skates as a motif for crafts, coloring pages, and décor. Or go to an indoor hockey game; ice skating show (whether an professional extravaganza type or performance by a local school), or watch a skating class.

National Hobby Month – Learning a new hobby can really enrich the life of seniors. You may be interested in starting a new hobby group that can meet on a regular basis. See our page all about finding a hobby to get ideas.

National Staying Healthy Month – Perfect for seniors! This month emphasize health during January senior activities with healthy recipes, serving healthy tea, exercising, and staying positive. See our pages for easy healthy recipes, as well as exercise for seniors. My dad ate well and exercised most of his life, and always contributed his excellent health to those two things.

National Mentoring Month – So many seniors have expertise in a variety of areas, and this month is a perfect time to share. Many schools already have mentoring programs set up. You can also coordinate with scouting groups. If strengths are in the field of business, consider helping a young or new entrepreneur. the organization of SCORE (Service Corps of Retired Executives) offers great opportunities for volunteer work. You may be able to get a member come and speak to your group about it.

National Soup Month – Who doesn’t love soup on a winter day! And they can be so healthy. Serve a delicious soup recipe at least once a week, and include a small poster at the table showing all the important ingredients in that soup. Making soup (and eating it too of course) are warming January senior activities for a group. Chicken soup is a favorite in winter, and why not read a bit of “Chicken Soup for the Soul,” as a bit of inspiration. Or have a meaningful quote at each table.

Eye Care Month – Many seniors develop eyesight challenges as they age. So let’s do all we can to preserve our eye health. You might designate this month to encourage seniors to visit an eye doctor, update eye wear prescriptions, and take care of serious eye problems that they may be putting off. If possible, consider having an eye care professional visit your campus, senior center, etc., to talk about eye care and provide whatever services they can on site.

National Thank You Month – This may seem like a basic idea, but it seems nowadays people tend to be so busy they forget this small but much appreciated courtesy. Let’s stay in the habit, and also stress its importance with our younger generations as well. Use this month to emphasize little ways to say thank you during various January senior activities. You might even make a game of it.

…Craft — Make little hand-made thank you notes that can be used all year round.

Dates For January

January 1 – New Year’s Day – Most people’s January senior activities involve celebrating New Year’s Day. Many seniors no longer make New Year’s resolutions. But there is always something we can do, something particularly fun, to start the year on a positive note. If you’re having a festive meal on this day, consider also including something unusual or inspiring to set the tone for the new year. And if you’re looking for party theme ideas, check out our page.

January 2 – Science Fiction Day – For those who are science fiction buffs, see a classic movie. Some great movies were made in the 1950s, including “The Day the Earth Stood Still,” “Forbidden Planet;” and also “Planet of the Apes,” from the 1960s. You can often get these from the library.

January 5 – National Bird Day – I find it interesting that this day takes place in winter! However, you may live in a warmer climate where birds live all year round. No matter what your weather, birds will be out to watch, especially if you have a bird feeder.

Lots of seniors are interested in bird watching and bird calls (remember those bird call clocks?). So turn these into January senior activities; this is a good day to celebrate everything birds. You can get bird calls online or even at the library. See how many that folks can identify. Make it into a game, including with prizes.

If your campus or senior center ever considered having a large bird cage, this is a perfect time to do it.

…Crafts – Use a bird motif for arts and crafts projects.  (See more ideas on our bird crafts page). Below is a cardinal template that may come in handy.

Here are some options. Print the black line drawing onto red paper. Or color in the cardinal (i.e. markers) instead. Or trace the picture onto fabric like burlap and use black marker for the lines.

Then make a collage by gluing it onto a real branch, or branch drawn in markers. On the sample further below, I also dabbed on white paint to make snow. Or glue on cotton. The collage shown below was glued/drawn onto a piece of red gingham for the background. But you could use plain colored paper too.

January 9 – National Apricot Day – Apricots are one of my favorite fruits, especially dried. On this day, serve apricot jam for breakfast or lunch; apricot juice is delicious too. And of course, dried or stewed apricots. We have a fantastic zesty apricot bread recipe too. Give it a try!

Or go all-out and make an apricot pie or tart (just follow any recipe for peaches). And why not designate this day to wear something apricot. Or use the color in  table decor.

January 11 – National Milk Day – Another foody type day to celebrate. Milk of course is rich in calcium, a mineral we all need more of as we age. Have a party – besides regular white milk, you can also offer chocolate milk and strawberry flavored milk. Or how about a malted milk or milk shake? Check out my dad’s easy chocolate milkshake recipe!

January 15 – Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday, 1929 – (The national holiday for his birthday is held on the third Monday of the month). Be sure to include a commemoration in your January senior activities. A good time to celebrate the life and wisdom of this dedicated leader and Nobel Peace Prize recipient, and his moving “I have a dream” speech.

Many towns and communities have special celebrations for this day. Why not participate in a program that is already organized, if your group can. If your seniors have difficulty getting out, you might have a speaker come in. Also, singer Stevie Wonder released a song in his honor called “Happy Birthday.”

January 15 – National Wear A Hat Day – If you want a bit of light-heartedness with your January senior activities, plan on wearing the most unusual hats you can find, including at coffee and snack time. Or have a special party. Snacks can be served in upside-down hats with a bowl sitting in them. And they can also be used as containers for centerpieces and plants. Perhaps have a contest for categories of best hats, worst, funniest, most outrageous, most creative, etc.

…CRAFT – Decorate hats with odds and ends, flowers, ribbons, etc., before the party.

January 16 – National Nothing Day – Find out the favorite ways your group enjoys doing just nothing, and celebrate it! Get together in groups and socialize, doing nothing in particular, except perhaps enjoying a special beverage and snack. And conversation about the luxury of doing nothing.

January 17 – Benjamin Franklin’s birthday, 1706 – Benjamin Franklin was quite a character, not to mention an incredible scientist, inventor, writer and diplomat. He had a fascinating life, and our lives today would not be the same without his contributions. Why not learn some very interesting history during your January senior activities.

Without Franklin’s efforts to secure French support for the American Revolution, it is possible we may have never won independence. Does anyone you know wear bifocals? Well he was the inventor, as well as for the lightning rod and the so-called Franklin stove.

Although he became famous for writing “Poor Richard’s Almanac,” not many people nowadays have read it. It may be interesting to pick up at the library to share at a presentation. Or include one of his famous quotes on a card at each table for this day. There is also an excellent documentary about his life.

January 19 – The artist Paul Cézanne’s birthday, 1930 – For those interested in art, celebrate the birthday of this famous French post-impressionist painter. His brush stroke style was very distinctive. Art enthusiasts may enjoy a presentation about his life and art.

If possible, you might invite an art teacher or professor, or even a student to visit and lead the discussion. A slideshow would also be ideal. Your local library may also have books that include prints of his work. Or go online and find some images. You could even make small printouts of some of his art, and make a tent card for each dining room table. For art groups, use one of his pieces as your inspiration.

January 19 – National Popcorn Day – Yes, another reason to celebrate food! Serve various types of popcorn, such as caramel corn, cheese corn, or chocolate drizzled popcorn at your snack time. Popcorn parties are ideal January senior activities.

January 21 – National Hugging Day – If your group is into hugging, this is the “official” day for it!

January 27 – Mozart’s birthday, 1756 – This Austrian composer was a child prodigy and was one of the most famous and prolific in classical music, with over 600 works. His music may be both lively and relaxing, and excellent for playing in the background during a meal or creative activity.  Painting or drawing to music is also popular, so using one of his pieces during an art project.  I also loved the movie, “Amadeus,” about his life. So add a little classical music into January senior activities.

January 29 – National Puzzle Day – This could mean any kind of puzzle: traditional jigsaw puzzles, word or number puzzles, or any kind of puzzle game. There’s something for everyone. So have a puzzle game afternoon or evening with tables that include a variety of types of puzzles. And be sure to serve special refreshments.

January 29 – National Corn Chip Day – Of course we just must have yet one more food festivity for our January senior activities (perhaps while doing puzzles). Corn chips come in many different flavors, whether original, ranch, cheese, jalapeno, etc. With a variety of dips, of course. Corn chips can also be served in delicious recipes such as taco salad, and other Mexican favorites.

January 31 – Inspire Your Heart With Art Day – Making art may have a good effect on the heart. Probably nothing official, but it makes sense. It’s relaxing, uplifting, inspiring, and generally makes us feel good. And we don’t even have to be “good” at it. Just be willing to sit back and express ourselves.

One of the other topics on this page for January may be an inspiring take-off for an art idea. Or see our Easy Craft Ideas page. Plus, lots of templates for flowers, leaves, animals, etc., which can be located from our art and craft templates area. You’ll get ideas for many January senior activities.

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