by Sidney

Jamsickles are healthy popsickles and are made of fruit juice – and jam! The combination is delicious and really fun to eat – they are frozen, yet kind of chewy.

It’s best to make them with one of those trays of plastic popsickle molds, with the sticks that insert into them. Here’s what I did —

Approx 1/2 cup – Your favorite fruit juice (natural, no extra sugar is best)
1 jar of your favorite jam (I use natural, no-sugar jam)

In a mixing bowl, thoroughly mix in a jar of jam with the juice. Spoon into your popsickle mold, inserting the sticks. Freeze until firm. When you take them out, use a spoon to help lift them out. They may be a bit soft and chewy, but that’s part of what makes them unusual – and really good! You can vary the amount of juice. I use at least 1/2 cup, or else the mixture is too mushy and does not freeze correctly.

My favorite flavor so far was using raspberry jam and natural orange juice. Cranberry juice and orange marmalade was good too!

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