Importance of Elderly Activities

The importance of elderly activities cannot be underestimated. They are not just for entertainment! or just to keep busy. Or filling up the hours to avoid boredom. They’re also for the healthy maintenance of the body, mind, and spirit which may seem to lag a bit from issues as we age.
Our Mental Muscles

As we’ve mentioned, keeping our minds active, just as with our bodies, keeps our “mental muscles” strong.

What are these mental muscles? Reason, Imagination, and Memory are a few.
And there are things to do for all of them. (To get a comprehensive List of all kinds of different activities to try, many very easy to modify for those who need help, go to the main Elderly Activities list page).

Our cells renew constantly, including our brain cells. Brain activity needs to be stimulated to keep our brains healthy and memories strong. Exercising our mental muscles with fun yet challenging elderly activities will help with this; great for nursing home activities too.

Depression can involve having no “goals” or the blahs from not having anything to anticipate. And it’s never too late to begin new elderly activities.

The Importance of Elderly Activities –

…Do they really help?

A recent study conducted by scientists at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel discussed how important elderly activities are. And a long-held notion about the brain was nixed – that we were born with a certain amount of nerve cells in the brain, that they deteriorate and die, and they can’t be replaced.

This has now apparently been disproved. The brain can indeed continue to renew itself, especially the hippocampus area that affects memory. This is helped with mental activity and memory exercise. The full process of how the brain does this is not entirely understood yet.

The importance of elderly activities is apparent with centenarians who reach the ripe age of 100 (and beyond), who consistently say that besides attitude, keeping busy and engaging the mind are crucial. Especially activities involving socializing and camaraderie.

Types of Elderly Activities

In addition to activities strictly for fun and entertainment such as hobbies and crafts, there are three other important types of elderly activities to emphasize. All three will both strengthen and reduce stress brought on by aging.

Stress isn’t just about feelings; it can physically harm the brain and memory, especially with an overproduction of cortisol, the “stress hormone.” Having fun, including with other people, does a great deal to alleviate this. Here are other types of activities:

1) Exercise and physical activity. (Also see Fun Exercises For The Elderly.)
2) Healthy nutrition
3) Memory exercise in elderly activities.

The various activities we provide encompass all of these types. Now follow this link to get a great Elderly Activities List – It’s a thorough list of specific activities to do with elderly throughout different times of the year.

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