Protein Ice Cream shake (or malt)

by Celeste

I try to eat in the “zone”, balancing protein, carbs and fats all at once. So I made this up, since I was missing having ice cream shakes. Since there is a good amount of protein powder in it, it’s almost like a small meal!

This is great for baby boomers (like me) watching their weight, or for elderly who need a nutrition boost.

I use egg-white protein powder, available in health stores. You could use milk or soy protein powder.

These amounts are all estimates, as I just throw things in the blender!


In a blender, first put about 1/4cup milk (I use 1%).
…(It helps the blender if liquid is in first)
Add 1 scoop of protein powder (scoop is in the container)
I add a very SMALL scoop of low sugar, low fat vanilla ice cream.
Add about 6 ice cubes
…(makes up for the small amount of ice cream.)
I add 1+ tsp malt powder (by Carnation…in grocery stores)
…(this helps sweeten and isn’t a lot of calories.)

(Add more ice if you need to, or more milk… you’ll be able to tell based on how well your blender is mixing.)

For variations:

MOCHA: Instant coffee powder & unsweetened chocolate. You could skip the ice cream and add a little sucralose.

FRUIT: Add fresh or frozen berries, peaches, banana…you choose your favorites.

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Ice Cream and Brownie Pie

by Hazel

Ice cream pies seem to be very popular! This one is very easy to do, since you can use a packaged brownie mix (unless you like to make it from scratch!) I know this web site emphasizes nutrition, so try using the natural ice creams, and you can also get “healthy” brownie mix at the health food store.


One pie crust
Package of brownie mix
1 quart of ice cream (strawberry is really good with chocolate)
Fresh strawberries for top, later

Prepare the brownie mix according to the package directions, and pour it into the pie crust so the crust is half full. The rest will be filled with ice cream later. (Use any leftover batter to make a small batch of brownies!) Then bake the pie at 350 F for about 40 minutes until done. Don’t over bake it, or the brownie batter gets too hard. Let it cool.

Soften the ice cream in a bowl. When soft, spread it smoothly on top of the brownie pie. You can also mix fruit into the ice first if you want to. Or chocolate chips. Then cover it with foil or plastic wrap and put it in the freezer.

When you’re ready to serve it, put a little whipped cream on top and some strawberries, or other garnishment. Delicious! (But remember, it is a frozen dessert, so if your elderly loved ones need softer food, you’ll have to let this soften up!)

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae

by Rob
(Tucon, AZ)

Here’s a very easy and excellent sundae for anyone who loves chocolate chips!

Start with one or two scoops of your favorite
vanilla ice cream. I suggest HAAGEN DAZS vanilla

ADD a handful of your favorite Chocolate Chips,
My favorite are Ghirardelli (60% Cacao).

Break a large chocolate chip cookie in half and place the halves on either side of the ice cream.
Pepperidge Farm Double Chocolate Chunk or their
Chocolate Chunk – Nantucket cookies are great.

And if any of your elderly readers have diets with limited sugar, these things can be found with other sweeteners too, in most grocery stores.

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