How To Make Smores The Gourmet Way

Almost everyone knows how to make Smores (aka s’mores) – we have sincewe were little, around the campfire… roasting the marshmallow on a stick, andputting it between two graham crackers along with a square of chocolate, whichthen melts.

But what if you don’t have a campfire? What if it’s off-season? Andwhat if you want something nostalgic, yes, but also a little more…gourmet? Here are some fun marshmallow recipes for gourmet Smores.

My family (especially my grown boys) has been trying Smore combinationsfor years now, and this page is based on some of our favorites. Plus, you don’tneed a campfire or grill – they can be done in the microwave. So these arereally easy as elderly activities too, for those who may have some limitations.They’re fun to put together, and fun to eat. And someone can help with themicrowaving, as necessary.

The three main ingredients for Smores are marshmallows, chocolate, andgraham crackers. But with a few interesting modifications, you can soonsee how to make Smores gourmet style.

How To Make Smores – Gourmet Style

Marshmallow Flavors

You may or may not know that marshmallows come in all sorts of flavorsnowadays. They’re excellent in experimenting with how to make Smores in a freshway. You can find them in specialty grocery stores, gourmet shops, or get themonline.

There are a couple of brands which are all-natural lines, even usinghoney and fresh juices, which and make many flavored marshmallows. (Sincebrands come and go and are different in various countries, I won’t go into thathere).

Some of my son’s favorites are German chocolate, pina colada(!), mint andstrawberry (also perfect to use in fresh strawberry desserts) . We’ve found marshmallows in such flavors as mocha, coconut, maplepecan, cherry, pumpkin spice, key lime, vanilla, sour lemon, and caramel. Even kindsmade with liquor like coffee liqueur or bourbon.

If you can’t find flavored marshmallows in your area, or if the onesyou can find are pricey, then fake it!

Just add a little flavoring of your own on the marshmallow before melting it… likeraspberry syrup or jam, real raspberries or other fruit, caramel syrup, cinnamon, or a tadof liqueur. (One of the fun foodactivities for any season is making your own home-made marshmallows, and flavoringthem yourself – just look up a recipe online).

The sample shown here uses freshraspberries with raspberry chocolate. If I’d had a little raspberry syrup, I would have drizzled some on as well.

Chocolate Flavors

We needn’t just use good ole’ Hershey’s chocolate squares for Smores. Thereare loads of chocolate bars out there with extravagant flavors such as toffee,mocha, spicy, raspberry, caramel, mint, orange, coconut, chipoltle and salt, amoretto, pumpkin, lavender, chocolates with liqueur, and/orwith a variety of nuts. All in either milk chocolate or dark. And then there’s bacon flavored chocolate. And don’t forget white chocolate — delicious in Smores. These flavors are a must to try when learning how to make Smoresgourmet style.

Chocolate chips flavors (aka baking chips or chocolate drops) include peanut butter, butterscotch, vanilla, green mint, pink raspberry, cherry, cheesecake, coffee, cinnamon, yogurt, lemon, strawberry, and I’m sure more.

The Cracker

Traditional Smores, of course, are made with graham crackers. You mayhave already tried chocolate graham crackers or those with cinnamon. But let’sgo beyond graham. Have you ever tried, for instance, sweet potato crackers?

Howabout if we just skip the cracker concept and think cookie instead. Then youhave endless fancy possibilities of how to make Smores. I enjoy anything thinand delicate.

There is a particular type if thin biscotti with a ginger flavorthat is excellent for these. Or perhaps a lemon cookie, or caramel, mocha,cinnamon, chocolate chip, coconut – you can get a theme going with your threetypes of ingredients.

This one is made with ginger biscotti, dark chocolate with caramel, andcinnamon flavored marshmallow.

Healthy Smores?

Is there such a thing? Well, healthier.

If you got some of the natural marshmallows made with honey, sugar-free cookies or natural grahamcrackers, and sugar-free chocolate, you’ve got a good start. If sugar-freechocolates do not come as a flat bar, you can always melt any kind of chocolate pieces instead. Altogether, thesewill then make somewhat healthy desserts. (And I emphasize the somewhat).


Making Smores around a fire or grill is most ideal, but microwaving isa creative secondary option… you can control what happens a little more. I havetried it several different ways.

The first thing I learned is that a standard marshmallow melts in about10 seconds. It puffs way up and looks like it will explode (kids love this) and then settles down when you take it out. Hereare some microwaving variations:

  • You can put the bottom cracker or cookie on theplate first, then the chocolate and marshmallow, and heat it all together. Takeit out and put on the top cracker.
  • Or put the chocolate on later after you take themarshmallow out, and let it slightly melt by proximity.
  • Or you can just melt the marshmallow alone ifyou’re going to add in a bit of liqueur or flavoring, then spread it on thecracker and chocolate afterwards.
  • If you are using flavored marshmallows, natural kinds which can be denser, or the mini size, they may take longer than 10 seconds to melt. I was surprised that mini mallows took longer.

Microwaves vary. I suggest heating mallows in increments of 10 to 15 seconds.

My son showed me how to make Smores by putting a cookie in a smalldish, topped with a marshmallow and bits of chocolate (flavored chocolate chipswork well), melting, swirling it together, and then topping it with crumbledcookie and a little traditional graham cracker. Eaten with a spoon. He’s alsoput a spoonful of ice cream on top.

Party Smores

An easy way of how to make Smores for parties is to use small cookies, and use a flavor or color theme with the cookies, chocolate and marshmallows.

The sample shown above includesstrawberry flavored marshmallows, and a slice of strawberry in the inside aswell. I used white chocolate and butter cookies instead ofgraham crackers. You can sometimes get strawberry-flavored white chocolate chips, usually around Valentine’s Day. This would also be great for Valentine’s day or a party.

Once we got the knack of how to make Smores into special treats, wefound all kinds of ways to make them throughout the year, whether summer orwinter. Whether you have a campfire, fireplace, grill, table-top hibachi ormicrowave, there’s no doubt Smores can become a delicious and imaginative activityfor all ages.

Autumn Smores

This open face smore has a few drops of orange food coloring swirled through the melted marshmallow with a toothpick. Then scatter some sprinkles over the top. Then insert a toothpick or short kabob skewer with a black candy on top.

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