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Having good home healthcare information in advance is vital to screening and choosing top-notch home healthcare providers. This ever-growing field specifically provides care for elderly in home so they can remain there longer. They assist the family with elderly issues and caregiver duties they are not able to perform.

Services can be contracted with home healthcare providers on a custom-made basis for weekly or daily visits, for a home healthcare nurse, or even live-in assistance.

Home Healthcare Information

Fundamentals of caregiving include daily household tasks, medication help, transportation to medical appointments, mobility help, emergency care, helping with elderly activities, counseling, and more. See our page on Caregiver Duties for more details.

But who should you choose and what do you need to know about care for elderly in home?

Here is valuable home healthcare information on pre-screening a service, from Comfort Keepers, national home healthcare providers who are expert with the fundamentals of caregiving.

    Q) My husband can’t be left alone and I will need some in home care. What important questions should I be sure to ask prospective caregivers or agencies? — Edna W., Sarasota, FL

    Getting quality care without leaving yourself vulnerable can be trickier than most people really understand. The glossy brochures and a recommendation from a neighbor doesn’t give you some important information needed to find a good fit and protect your assets.

    Start with general questions about how many caregivers they have, what background checks are performed (do they do local and national checks), what happens if a caregiver gets sick. Also learn about the training and supervision of the caregiving staff.

    You will also want to know if the caregivers are employees of the company or independent contractors. If they are not employees of the agency you could become an accidental employer and possibly found to be liable for medical bills and lost wages in the event of injury.

    Does the agency carry liability insurance in the event you are injured while the caregiver is driving? Who is responsible for payroll taxes and social security payments? If you use private individuals or independent contractors you might want to check with your attorney on your potential liabilities.

    Don’t stop asking questions just because the brochure says bonded and insured – the caregiver may not be!

    For a free brochure – 20 Questions to Ask before hiring A Home Care Agency. Visit the Comfort Keeper web site.

According to home healthcare information and statistics, services typically cost $20 or more per hour. This is much more affordable than a nursing home or assisted living. But it is still costly.

After you have pre-screened home healthcare providers, you will need to know how to ask very specific questions about caregiver duties and services.

This home healthcare information will clarify for both family members and outside assistants just what the elderly problems and expectations are. These details ensure a more stress-free and satisfying experience for you and your loved one.

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