Holiday Treats For Seniors

Cupcake snowman on skis

Our holiday treats for seniors are easy and creative! You’ll see Santas, snowmen, trees, snowflakes, cookie ideas, more… brought together here from all over our web site so you don’t have to hunt around.

The winter holidays are a perfect time for party theme ideas, so we have many treats on this page that are great for snacks, parties, gifts, give-aways, and more!

See how you might modify the basic ideas to fit your group and needs.

Our Holiday Treats for Seniors

Snowman Treats

Along with the cute cupcake snowman on skis shown at the top (you could also turn him into a Santa too), we have a variety of snowmen to make as holiday treats for seniors. Below you will see a coconut snowball snack cake snowman, and one with chocolate covered strawberries. Fun to do with kids too.

Snowman treats

You can make these ideas as simple as you’d like too. For instance, eliminate some of the accessories, arms, or costumes, if desired. You may get your own ideas when viewing the pictures and reading the instructions. Full directions for these snowmen can be found on our snowman crafts page.

Marshmallow snowman

Santa Treats

On our page about Santa crafts, we have a few fun foody craft ideas to make as treats. Below you will see an apple (or red pear) Santa with frosting and coconut beard. And also a marshmallow on a kabob stick, with candy eyes and frosting-coconut beard. So follow the Santa link to find all the details for these holiday treats for seniors.

Santa treats

More Treats…

Hershey Kiss Mouse

Among the very popular holiday treats is the Hershey Kiss mouse. Perfect for hanging on a tree (mine have lasted for years)  or from a wreath, or at place settings.

We have easy directions on our mouse crafts page. And you may get more ideas to modify for the holidays. Mice seem to be a favorite theme at holiday time.

Coconut Haystack Trees

Holiday treats for seniors wouldn’t be complete without a winter evergreen tree. Or two. Making haystacks with melted white chocolate, a couple drops of green food coloring, and coconut is easy.

Just mold them into tree shapes while still warm, and top with a candy and some sprinkles. Perhaps white frosting snow on top too. See more on our food activities page.

Also on the food activities page, you’ll see how simple it is to make decorative chocolate swirls, which can be place on cupcakes or cakes, even hung. Pink is popular at Christmas time, but they can also be done with green food coloring, or just left as white chocolate.

If you want to get fancy, make them in a snowflake shape. Below is a snowflake template that can be printed to your desired size, then placed under wax paper to follow the lines. You can change the basic design as needed.

snowflake template

Burlap Candy Jars

Any kind of red or green jar or vase can be used with various holiday treats for seniors. This one is a masonite jar from a thrift store. Just fill with candies or treats you have made.

Then cut a length of burlap, glue it to the jar, and tie a couple strands of raffia around it. Raffia can also be found in colors at the craft store. You can also insert a twig of greenery, or hang a tiny ornament.

The jar above is filled with chocolate covered pretzels and candies. Learn how to make the pretzels on our creative dipping chocolate page.

All-Natural Gingerbread

It is said that ginger is really good for digestion and the autoimmune system! Both gingerbread cake and cookies are traditional holiday treats. Our gingerbread cake recipe features all-natural ingredients and is sweetened with honey. No sugar.

To make it especially festive, add food coloring to the whipped cream, or top it with a holiday candy and/or sprinkles.

And an excellent beverage with gingerbread (or another favorite treat) is…

Holiday Cookie Tree and Mini Gifts

cookie tree

It’s easy to bake and decorate a batch of star-shaped cookies. Stack them so each cookie is a little off-center from the next one, to create the effect of branches.

Stacking — You can either stack them by applying a dab of frosting between each cookie, as “glue.”
…Or use a stick with stand. Before baking, make a hole in the center of each. The size of the hole will depend on the type of stick you will use… Then either stack them on a kabob skewer, or a narrow wooden dowel.

You will probably also need to make a stand. (Sometimes the stack will stand up by itself, however. Especially if the bottom cookie is a bit larger). Anyone handy with wood can certainly drill a hole in a block of wood and glue in the dowel.

Or insert the entire construction into a nice, large piece of cake, as a base. Push about 2 inches of the bottom of the skewer into the cake, then stack the cookies. The bottom cookie will rest across the piece of cake and stabilize the tree.

Tie a ribbon around the tree to help stabilize and decorate it. Top it with another cookie or large candy (jumbo gumdrops and truffles work well too). These trees make nice centerpieces, gifts, prizes, or give-aways.

The mini gift stacks are just smaller cookies in a stack tied together with a ribbon. They’re fun at place settings or for dessert.

Mulled Wine

This sweet and spicy traditional drink has a rich flavor and can be make with either regular wine or non-alcoholic. There is also a version made with white wine, but red is usually the favorite for winter holidays.

Excellent with many desserts and also chocolates. So learn how to make mulled wine the easy way at our link.

Mom’s Famous Pecan Pie

Pecan pie is another favorite during the holidays, starting with Thanksgiving. My mom had a wonderful all-natural recipe made with pure maple syrup (honey is good too). So again, no refined sugar at all. And the consistency is excellent too.

Dress it up with holiday plates or a colorful candy on top of the whipped cream.

Get the full recipe on our easy pecan pie page.

cookie ornaments

Cookie Ornaments

Ornaments can be creates from a variety of cookie shapes. Making them a little thicker works the best. Make a hole in each before backing. Decorate according to you preference, then tie a ribbon through the holes.

These holiday treats for seniors look wonderful hung on a table-top sized tree in the center of a table. Participants can then each take them as desired. A small tree with cookie ornaments is also popular as a prize or give-away. Even at a silent auction. The entire tree can also be wrapped in plastic wrap, gathered it at the top, and tied with a bow.

And don’t forget the gingerbread folk! (We love to use candy eyes from the craft store).

gingerbread folk

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