Ghost Crafts

by Monica

We just love making these little Halloween marshmallow ghost crafts. (You can also decorate them for other holidays, besides ghosts for Halloween). And they’re totally edible.

Our senior group likes to make things with food! (But then of course it’s tempting to want to eat them all right after you make them). So somebody brought in this idea for little ghosts. Here is what you need for these.

What you will need
Large white marshmallows
Black food coloring marker
Frosting in a can, squirt frosting, or squirt whip cream
Candy sprinkles (orange, black, any Haloween combination of candy sprinkles, etc.)
Also, Halloween candies for on top are cute
Kabob stick

Take the food coloring marker and color on two long tall ovals on to the marshmallow for the eyes and the mouth. You can make them cockeyed, or make any kind or funny or crooked or scary face.

Then put the marshmallow onto its stick. Add on the “hair” by putting on a pile of frosting on top, either from a can with a spoon, or the squirt kind. Or you could use whipped cream if you are going to serve them right away. Then add on a lot of sprinkles and candies. You could also tie a bow with colored ribbon around the stick. You can put them in the fridge before serving if you need to, especially if you are using whipped cream.

We have made these with children too. You can put a bunch of them in a glass or small vase, especially if you have one with a Halloween theme.

Sometimes you can find marshmallows in pastel colors. I’ve seen them in pink at Valentine’s Day. So you could use the same idea and make them into something for that holiday by using different candies, etc. And not a scary face. Likewise, you can use these for Christmas or any winter holiday. If you put two or three together on a sort of stack, they will look like snowmen. Try attaching a candy corn for the nose. Attach it with a blob of frosting.

Again, I’ve seen marshmallows in a light green color, both at Christmas and at St. Patrick’s Day. Usually you find these in a bag of assorted colors, and they’re handy to have on hand. So you could use a green one and make it into a leprechaun or a Christmas elf. Tying a ribbon under its “chin” is another way to decorate it for a holiday. have fun!

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