Ghost Craft

by Cindy
(New Hampshire)

To make a hanging ghost craft is really easy when you do it out of a white trash bag. And you could do all kinds of things to decorate it. Or make it as spooky as you want to. We made this one simple with a very simple face.

All you need is whatever size of white plastic bag that you like – such as a tall size or waste basket liner size. Another option is using a very large square of a white sheet or some other kind of fabric. I saw someone make this with an old chenille bedspread fabric. I think using a white brocade or a damask fabric would look really awesome too. But of course using a fabric would not be waterproof then.

By the way, you can also make these into a “ghoul” kind of creature, if you use a black trash bag. Then you would either need to use a white marker or white acrylic paint to do the face. For around its neck you could tied any kind of fun Halloween type of ribbon. Or a tattered rag to make it look creepy.

First I cut the bottom edge of the bag to make it jagged. Take some newspaper and stuff it into the bag, making a head. Then twist a wire twisty under the “chin” to make a neck. Or tie it with a string or ribbon. Arrange the folds so they hang nicely.

After you’ve made it, then just take a black permanent marker and draw on a face. (It should be a waterproof kind). I made a simple face with ovals. But you could make it scary, as you’d see on a carved pumpkin. You could also tie black or white ribbon around the neck. Or a length of raggedy fabric, which makes it look like it’s tied with mummy wrapping.

Then tie a string around the neck from the back to hang it. These work really great for outside to hang on tree branches, since they’re all waterproof! You may have already seen them around, so this is how I made it. We also hung them indoors for a party. They look especially spooky hung in groups, using some large and some small bags for different sizes. They make an excellent activity for a group to do together. And you can be sure kids would love to help with these. They can be kept from year to year after you’ve made them.

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