Garden Party In Winter

by Edith

If you’re looking for a good winter activity for the elderly (especially for January and February activities), here’s one that our senior group did.

A garden party in winter was perfect for us, since we live in the northern climate and it can get very cold here in the winter months (seems like spring will never come). This was held at our senior center, but I’m sure it will also work for senior living campuses too. We had a lot of people help out, bring things in, help with food. It was for both ladies and gentlemen.

We sent our pretty floral style invitations. One of our members was going to make small watercolor paintings that we could fold in half, but wasn’t able to, so we just bought them. But making the invitation would be a fun thing to do as another activity for a senior group.

We asked that everyone come dressed for a summer garden party. The ladies could wear pastels, spring dresses, florals, (whatever), even hats. The men could also dress up, even wear a suit if they wanted to, and a hat too. We had a big range, from more casual golf clothes with golf hats, to suits. We had a few fellas wear very dapper straw type hats.

The room was decorated with spring colored crepe paper, lots of artificial flowers around, some real plants, a couple of those artificial fica trees, some real flowers in vases, etc. Do you remember how to make those “carnations” from folded and gathered facial tissue? Several of our ladies made dozens of those, and turned them into garlands. One member’s family brought over a garden archway prop. We also hung several strings of little twinkling lights, including draped on the refreshment table.

Our music collection was from the classic crooners, and a little big band and Lawrence Welk style music that some people danced to later.

Food included lots of cut and sliced fresh fruit, sparkling punch, (lemonade would also be good — and you could make either of them “spiked” if it suits your group), plus tea and coffee of course. We just served small sandwiches with a variety of cheeses and meats; plus chips. Also jello, and a couple of salads (pastas, and greens). For dessert, besides the fresh fruit, we had small fruit tarts and cookies. Lemon pie or apple would also be good. A barbeque would also work, but we wanted to keep it easy.

We also played games indoors, including a few that you might play out on the lawn outside, like lawn “darts.” All in all, it was very easy to put on, and people really enjoyed themselves.

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