Games For Vision Impaired?

by Murphy

Does anyone have any ideas for games for the vision impaired? Some of the folks in our community are not able to participate in so many activities because they cannot see very well. (Macular degeneration is a big issue, for instance). So they miss out in a lot. Some even have difficulty with large print things, including like bingo and card games, or crossword puzzles, or sudoku, etc. And if they having any hearing issues, it’s a double problem.

If anyone has any good activities, I’d love to hear about them!


  1. 1) I put everyday object in pillow cases and people have to guess what they are by feeling them (from the outside).I do easy ones – wooden spoons etc, but I have used a tin of tuna, flannel and bunny ears!It can be joined in by anybody, and can be repeated with themes – kitchen, holidays.Even the staff at the care home I work in join in with it.

    2) Salt dough – like play dough but sets hard to make ornaments.Good for manual dexterity

    3) Quizzes can be downloaded off the internet on any theme

    4)Poetry – you start with a sentence and people have to think of a line that rhymes

    5) Plant growing – use herbs for the strong smell and encourage feeling the textures of the leaves etc.Can be done on window sills

    Hope these help xx

  2. Hi, this is good for one-on-one:
    For people I work with who have vision problems, they can see a little if the print is really really large and thick. So I use a large white board and a big black marker (black gives more contrast).

    I made a permanent tic-tac-toe chart on one white board, using black electrical type tape for the grid lines — Nice and wide and plenty black. Mine is about 3 feet big. Then we use the big black marker to play the game inside the grid lines.

    And it’s easy to erase because you can’t mess up the lines every time, since the tape is permanent. I tried just drawing the grid, but when it came to erasing the X and O from inside the boxes, it was too hard to not erase the grid lines too. Which meant I had to keep re-drawing them.

    I’ve also done something similar for the game of Hangman. People like this one because it’s a word game and it fun and more challenging.

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