Fun Senior Music Activity

by Stephanie

Music Activity for Seniors…
My name is Steph. I am fairly new to this field but I figured I could chime in with some ideas. My boss just got a new game called Music Bingo 2 and wanted us to try it out in the afternoon with our clients. They really enjoyed it!

It’s like bingo, but instead of marking numbers, the clients had to identify a song being played and mark it on their card. It’s a really neat idea and a lot of clients (even those who usually don’t participate and want to sleep) were active and engaged.

If you are interested I think the set was from Elder Group Games.

(Editor’s Note) — Thanks for the great idea, Steph. This sounds like tons of fun. I know that just about anything involving music is popular with seniors, and doubling it up with bingo is fantastic. — Mary

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