Artistic Free Frame Images

Could you something new for your senior activity ideas? Here are two free frame images (see below) that are free for seniors and anyone else who visits and would like to use them! The frames were designed on the computer and are perfect for all kinds of projects including for elderly activities.

Use either of the frames for small posters and for many kinds of announcements, cards, and newsletters. You can also use these frames to place either your digital art and photos inside of them, or print them out and place a regular photo against the frame. Then put the frame inside of a regular frame! Nice for scrapbooking as well! There are many ways you can use these frames to add a little interest to your projects or art.

Free Frame Images to Download

— These frames are being made available for your personal use and group use only. These free frame images are copyrighted – so they cannot be used for re-sale or to include in online books, electronic books, or hard-copy published books.

If you want one or both of these same frames with a quote already in them, just click here and go to this page with many little items we have free for seniors. On that page, scroll down to the Illustrated frames with messages section. Here is a mini version sample of what they will look like:

Do you need a quote?

We have a couple places on our web site where you can get a variety of quotes for many occasions. Great to use with these free frame images!

So be sure to see our pages at:
15 Great Quotes — Click here for 15 famous quotes that you can use.

Cool Quotes and Retirement Message Ideas — We have dozens of all kinds of quotes here. How about happiness, success, experience, aging, imagination, change, humor, health, and more. Big array of quotes for all occasions, from famous people and some you may have never heard of!

Our Craft Book!

Easy Crafts and Gifts – that you can make! Why search all over our site. Along with lots of NEW projects, we’ve consolidated and organized many of them from our site. Over 120 projects! Plus, a FREE booklet of templates and patterns to use for many senior activities.

Check out more of our free stuff for seniors — see our Free For Seniors page. Click the link below.

to Free For Seniors

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