Easy Food Activities For Seniors and Elderly

Food activities and easy recipes are very popular for all ability levels!

And we have a really nice selection of activities with food and easy recipes ideal for the elderly.

They range from chocolate, to whimsical salads, to candy, to special cookies, to gourds, to apples. Ideal for parties, get-togethers, gifts, even centerpieces. And great to do with kids! Our food activities are also easy to modify for those who need extra help.

Special Seasonal Treats…
For specialty seasonal treats (including lots of whimsy), check out:
Halloween Treats for Seniors, and (Winter) Holiday Treats for Seniors !

Try These Food Activities

Chocolate Covered “Worms” – I used to love these as a child, and would tease my friends with them (who of course thought they were really worms).

Warm up a container of dipping chocolate in the microwave according to instructions. Heat it in 15 second spurts and stir, to prevent burning. Then put in a larger mixing bowl for more room. Stir in about 2 cups of chow mein noodles. Mix until coated.

Cover a platter with wax paper. Adding a little coconut is also a good variation. Spoon lumps of the mixture onto the platter. Refrigerate for at least a half an hour, until firm. This no-bake recipe is very easy. Take the out of the fridge about 15 minutes before eating, or they may be hard to bite.

Chocolate Covered Pretzel People — We have a great page on dipping chocolate, including pretzels. (You can also easily dip and decorate any fruit especially apricots, smaller looped pretzels, nuts, pound cake pieces, and cookies).

See how we turn them into Pretzel People using inexpensive candies and other items.  Make them easy or fancy. Use milk chocolate, dark, even white.

These food activities are perfect for party snacks, prizes, desserts, or adding to gifts. For gifts, put a little tag around the neck (make home-made gift tags as a project) that says “From ____” and write in the person’s name.

Easy Chocolate Covered Strawberries — This is one of our most food activities and can be adjusted for many abilities. We’ve created a special page just to find out exactly how to make them.

And really fun ways to decorate the strawberries after they’ve been dipped! Create them for yourselves, a get-together, or to give away as special gifts. They’re always a favorite. Also a really good project to do with kids. See our page to Make Chocolate Covered Strawberries.

Chocolate Swirls — Swirls offer a couple of food activities. It’s easy to make these fanciful creations as a “craft” to use as stand-alone candy treats. Or to go along with other food projects as well, such as special occasion concoctions that you might make.

As with dipping chocolate for strawberries, you simply microwave the chocolate chip bits, whether standard brown chocolate, white, or colored by adding food coloring to white. Shown here is white with a drop of red coloring.

You’ll need — White (or brown) chocolate chip morsels, food coloring color of your choice, a plate with wax paper, a spoon and a toothpick, or piece of kabob skewer (which a prefer because it’s a bit chunkier and works well).

Melting — Put about a half cup of white chips into a microwavable bowl. Heat for 20 seconds. Remove from microwave and stir. Heat again 15 seconds, then stir. Then 6 to 10 seconds, as needed. You want to leave a few lumps in the mix and let them melt on their own so as to not overdo it.

Stir until all are melted. Add a drop of food coloring, and mix again. If the mixture is too thick or stiff, add a drop of room-temp water and re-heat for about 5 seconds.

Drizzling — With a spoon, start drizzling onto the wax paper streams of chocolate while it’s still melted and warm. You can help nudge it off the spoon with your stick. Some lines can be thin, because as you can see from the first photo, they stay in tact nicely. Use the stick to move the chocolate around in free-form designs. Drip on more swirls as desired. They can be as simple or fancy.

When you get the look you want, put it in the fridge for at least 10 to 15 minutes. When set and ready to serve, gently slide it off the wax paper with a metal spatula. Use alone or on a dessert (cake and cupcakes are great too) or even a salad. Make different colors for different holiday food activities! See how I used it for a Valentine’s Day apple bowl dessert, below.

Easy Chocolate Cup
— In this picture, besides using a chocolate swirl (in brown chocolate) as described above, there is also a chocolate cup.

You can buy them online or at some grocery stores as well. But for a price.

Or make them yourself! It’s as simple as painting melted chocolate into a baking cup. Yes, with a paint brush. Almost anyone can do it.

These make excellent food activities, and they can be used along with lots of other projects, and for lots of holidays and events. See just what to do on our fresh strawberry desserts page.

Haystacks — Most haystacks call for regular brown chocolate, and you have to toast the coconut. But I don’t. Mine are totally no-bake. And in different colors. Just add a drop of food coloring to melted white chocolate. Use pink for Valentine’s Day, green for St. Patrick’s Day or Christmas, orange for Halloween, etc. I also did one in red, white and blue for the 4th of July, with a mini flag sticking out of the top. See how at summer senior activities.

Hershey Kisses Mice — Mouse crafts made with Hershey Kisses are really popular. Besides making cute ornaments, we have other ideas for gifts and even a centerpiece if you want to get fancy. These mouse food activities involve working with small parts, so extra help may needed for some. Get details at Hershey Kiss Mouse Chocolate Crafts.

Mouse Crafts With Food — We have a whole page just on making different kinds of mouse crafts, and some are food activities too, like the donut hole mouse.

This guy has ears made of gum drop slices, candy eyes and nose, and  the tail can be made from a variety of foods, like a slice of licorice rope. You may get your own ideas too. It sits in a mini party cup, or in a candy paper (the kind you get with chocolates).

Ladybug Salad — (And other whimsical characters at Creative and Simple Fruit Salad Characters). Check out this special food activities page with several projects for a fun simple fruit salad, complete with decorating tips, garnishments, and even a fabulous Carrot Slaw to use on the side, and fruit salad dressing too. These amusing cartoon salads are also very healthy. We have several whimsical fruit salads and how to make them.

These are lots of fun for just a special treat, or to get ready for parties and luncheons. Even to do with kids — they love them and get lots of laughs!

Creative Halloween Treats

Get ghosts, ghouls, pumpkin, magic wands, raven ideas and more. (Some new witch treats coming soon too!)

All of these fun treats are easy to make and will add a little pizzazz to a party, table setting, or give-aways. Excellent to do with kids too. Go to Creative Halloween Treats for Seniors.

(And many of the food activities you see on this main page can be adjusted for Halloween as well).

Gourd Craft Ideas – One of our easiest food activities to make – with those funny lumpy, bumpy gourds (squash). One of my all-time favorite projects. And when you’re done displaying them, you could cook and eat them! We show how to make several whimsical creatures from inexpensive craft materials and items, and many you may have around.

Imagine what else you can do. Although gourds and squash are great for fall, you can find them any time of the year and make characters for almost any holiday, season, or party. Great give-aways too! See Gourd Craft Ideas – Gifts, Ghouls & Grannies.

Gourmet S’mores — Making a good ‘ole Smores (s’mores), the kind we had around the campfire, can bring back some great memories. But go beyond the norm and go gourmet. Did you know marshmallows and chocolate chips (baking chips) come in highly unusual flavors? Some quite spectacular. My son got me started with this. Fancy S’mores make excellent food activities, and a bonfire or grill isn’t necessary. Make them indoors or out. We’ve got lots of ideas, including microwaving at How To Make Smores – The Gourmet Way.

Candy Wreaths— Wreaths are fun and edible food activities – if you make them with frosting “glue”! You will need assorted candies from a dollar store, or from the bulk section of the grocery store; styrofoam rings of the desired size (or cut a ring from heavy cardboard); and frosting in a tub. Or for non-edible wreaths, a glue gun or strong craft glue. And other decorative items for the wreath. Spray paint the ring, if you’d like. We do have two versions here – edible or non-edible.

…Edible – Try using sugar-free candies; many kinds are now available. Use frosting, like “glue,” to attach candies in a variety of colors and sizes to the wreath shape. I get frosting in a tube or tub. Candies can suit your party or holiday (Valentine, Halloween, Christmas, etc).

Edible wreaths are temporary, to be used for a centerpiece, for instance. When the candies and frosting glue have set, put an object in the center hole to complete the centerpiece, such as a holiday decoration, statue, vase of flowers, greens, or a candle.

…Non-edible – These candies will be mounted on the wreath shape with a glue gun or other strong craft glue (use plenty – it dries clear). You can pile or overlap the candies in interesting patterns. Dry the glue well. Decorations such as bows or holiday items can be added. When finished, give it a couple coatings of spray varnish to help preserve it and add shine. These wreaths will be strong enough to hang on a wall, or also use in a centerpiece.

Edible Flowers — Have you ever made something with edible flowers? Yes, many flower petals can indeed be eaten and offer a delicate taste and fragrance to foods. They can be found at specialty food stores and upscale grocery stores, as well as online. In this sample, they’ve been placed on top of cupcakes. See our page on edible flower recipes to learn more. These are spectacular for special occasions and parties.

Apple Wreaths — Apple wreaths are an old-fashioned tradition. Check out our easy-to-make spicy aroma apple wreaths. If you bake and dry the apples yourself, these food activities smell heavenly. Add other items to decorate them, like pine cones, ginger chunks, cranberries, candy, ribbon, even even small ornaments.

The wreaths can be used alone or with a centerpiece or candle. These are great ideas for many seasons, and we explain both the easy version and the more traditional way of making them. See our page on Really Easy Apple Craft Ideas.

Painted Apples — On the same apple crafts page (the link above), we also show how to paint on apples. These can range from very simple, like the daisies shown here, to much more fancy. Change the design for other holidays – holly sprigs or snowflakes in the winter.

Painted apples are excellent food activities. They can be made either as non-edible decorative items (painted with white opaque marker), or edible (painted with white frosting in a tube). For those who may have difficulty drawing, even loose free-form flowers or squiggles and stars are fun. Plus, add a little blue (i.e. candies) and you have something patriotic. So just follow the link above to find out more.

Party FoodDo you need more party ideas (and party food activities to go with them)? Then see our page all about party theme ideas. We’ve got topics ranging from pickle tasting, to a great luau, to all-out details on how to do a gone-fishing party suitable for any age, or a full-fledged fiesta, including for the elderly. Even if you think you’ve tried just about every party there is, there just may be something new for you here.

Strawberry Bouquet — We use strawberries in a lot of our food activities. These strawberry desserts have a choice of toppings and are fabulous bouquet gifts you can make.

Do it the easy way or make chocolate covered strawberries.

Put them in a vase full of candy, nuts or other snacks; and tie a pretty ribbon around it. Or make a parfait bouquet (which you eat right away).

See our page for explanations at Bouquet Strawberry Desserts. These are elegant for parties, Mother’s Day, birthdays, gifts any time of year. We have many different ideas!

Also see:

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Senior Activity Ideas — For seniors who have a higher ability level; many can be modified for those who need extra help.

Senior Activities – By the Month (and the 4 Seasons)!

to Elderly Activities

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