Fun Fish Taco Recipegreat for senior activities

With a few surprises, this yummy fish taco recipe is an alternative to the standard taco. And really easy!

Have you ever tried fish tacos? I’m a picky eater and I loved them! They’re really easy to put together, and you can let your guests build their own.

So these tacos are both very nutritious and great when you want to serve something fun, unusual, and fast. They’re great if you need fiesta party ideas and to go along with other senior activities.

Fish Taco Recipe

You will need:

A white fish; i.e., Tilapia (amount is up to you depending on group size)
Taco shells
Olive oil
Lemon juice
Shredded cabbage slaw
Sliced jalapeno peppers
Shredded white Mexican style cheese
Chopped mango or peach salsa

Either bake or pan fry a white fish such as Tilapia with a little lemon juice and olive oil. Flake it into your serving bowl.

Set out bowls of your other ingredients for the fish taco recipe that the guests can choose from
…shredded cabbage slaw (plain, or with vinegar and olive oil), sliced jalapeno peppers, cilantro, shredded white Mexican style cheese, and of course taco shells. An excellent added touch is chopped mango, or a pre-made peach salsa from the store. And you may have other ideas of your own!

It is easy to modify this fish taco recipe as necessary. If some of your guests have elderly issues that make a traditional taco shell too awkward to eat, just put the above ingredients on top of tortilla chips, taco salad style. Then it can be eaten with a fork. You could also serve it in a pre-made taco bowl.

Fiesta party ideas need a fun beverage. This fish taco recipe is great with our Easy Sangria Recipe ideas or with fruit juice (I use all-natural juice with no added sugar, such as Knudsen brand). You can make ice cubes frozen with pieces of fruit in them for an extra festive touch. The ice cubes themselves can also be made of fruit juice.

If you are serving fruit juice, try making “fizzy juice” by filling the glass about one-half full with juice and one-fourth full of carbonated water (this leaves room at the top for your special ice cubes). And, of course, there is the popular Margarita as a choice as well.

We also have a great version of a Build Your Own Taco Salad. And lots more. Visit our page about fiesta party ideas, at Elderly Fiesta Activities.

Did you know that anything chocolate goes great with Mexican food? Chocolate, after all, originated in the region. See our super-easy page on how to decorate and Make Chocolate Covered Strawberries!

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