Fun Feather Angel Craft

This fluffy feather angel craft is easy for anyone to make, and they’re great to do for elderly activities. Use them for tree ornaments, make a mobile with several, or hang one from lights, attach to gifts with ribbons, even insert a wooden skewer to make an angel plant stick for your favorite planter.

Feather Angel Craft Directions

You will need:

  • Large or medium bead
  • A white craft feather (other colors look great too – pick your favorite)
  • Very fine tipped marker or art pen, to draw face.
  • Needle and thread to make hanger
  • Craft glue – I used Tacky glue

Just push the narrow end of the feather upwards through the bead, letting a little tuft of “hair” stick out at the top. You don’t even have to glue it in place.

A face is not necessary. A plain bead looks really nice too. But if you do decide to make a face, carefully draw on simple eyes and mouth.

To hang it, thread the needle and double the thread, making about 4 or 5 knots on top of each other at the end, to make a nice, chunky knot. This helps prevent the thread from pulling all the way through the hole in the bead.

So push the needle and thread through the bead hole, from the bottom (angel’s chin) going up. I also put a dab of glue on the knot and let it dry.

Snip off the needle, and re-tie the thread at the top into a loop. It’s ready to hang.

Angel Mobile

If you want to try a angel craft mobile, here’s how. But it takes a little time. I suggest just one tier, unless you are patient and feel able to hang a double row – the result is very nice.

You will need:

  • 3 feather angels, or 6 (as explained above)
  • 1 long kabob skewer
  • 2 beads for ends of the skewer (optional)
  • White thread, and a needle
  • Craft glue

Make the three angels. For the mobile, I like them better without faces. On the skewer, slide a bead onto each end, to “finish” it off.

Tie a long thread around the center of the skewer, to hang the mobile with. At this point, lay the mobile flat on the table to work on it.

Attach thread to the bead heads of the angels, as explained in the instructions above, to hang them with. Make the thread about 12 inches long (after doubling the thread), so it’s easier to work with. You can cut them later.

Tie an angel onto each end of the skewer, hanging down about the same length. Then tie one in the middle, hanging either up higher, or down lower, so they don’t all collide.

Now to balance it. Carefully hold up the mobile by its hanger thread. Move the angels on their threads back and forth a little, to re-position them until the mobile balances.

When you get them in the right spot, put a dab of glue on the threads where they tie onto the skewer, to keep them in place. Hold up the mobile for a couple minutes to let the glue set. Then you can gently lay the mobile back down on the table and let it dry.

If you’re really industrious, you can make a second tier, and then tie it in the middle to the first tier. As I mentioned, this takes a little patience, and it is best to have someone help hold it while you’re making it all balance.

This feather angel craft looks best hung from a light or the ceiling so it can freely move. But you could also hang it from a door, on a wall, or in front of a window.

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