Fancy Purse Planter Craft

by Edith

You can make a very unique planter that is really attractive – it’s made with an old purse. Vintage purses, straw, colorful, small purses with a shape work best. Just add a plant or artificial flowers!

I had a really nice beaded purse that I hardly used, and wanted to display it, so I put a small container inside and filled it with dried roses (from my daughter’s wedding), a few artificial leaves, baby’s breath, etc.

If you don’t have dried flowers, artificial look fine too. If you have a stronger type of purse, you can even put in a real plant, but line the inside of the purse with plastic or some sort of liner. And definitely put a tray under the pot. When you water the plant, it could leak a little.

It’s an especially meaningful craft to make to give to someone, if you use their purse, or flowers that they’d given you. You may have something from a grandmother or mother that holds special memories. Also, it’s fairly easy to find unusual purses at flea markets and garage sales, and church bazaars. The more unusual or gaudy, the better!

So keep those flowers, hang them upside down to dry them, and then use them in crafts, like these purse planters! They turn out really well, and ladies get a real kick out them as gifts! We also used one as a door prize at the senior center, and everyone loved it. The elderly there especially love anything vintage and thought they were really special.

Editor’s Note: Be sure to also see Creative Planter Ideas.


  1. Thanks for this nice idea. And who in the senior and baby boomer world doesn’t have an old purse? Well actually I didn’t. So I went over to our local thrift shop. They had several interesting purses really cheap. My favorite was a straw purse shaped like a box with a hinged “lid” for the cover of the purse. It was perfect for a planter. Other straw type purses were there too. My friend has a really large straw handbag with huge, colorful straw flowers, leaves, etc. It looks like it may have come from Mexico. It looks wonderful with a tall potted plant inside of it. Between the two of us, we have these purse planters all over in different rooms of our houses.

    I also hung a wrought iron plant hanger on the wall of a room. Then I hung the purse planter from it by it’s handles. Because the iron hanger sticks out away from the wall, the planter does not bump against the wall. It looks very nice. I personally like to use real plants (you need to line the purse with plastic) but artificials look fine too.

  2. This is neat!My mind just kept going with this one.One idea is using a huge purse to hang real plants and hang with the handle from tree or hook.

    I’ve seen boots done, but never a purse, thank you

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