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Autumn is a favorite season for many, and perfect for fall senior activities, games, parties. It’s an excellent time for crafts too, and art supplies are easy to get. The interesting items from nature, the pumpkins, gourds, apples, and bright colors.

Also opportunities for all kinds of outings, and maybe new retirement ideas. Plus we have loads of scrumptious recipes. In fact, many of the days in fall are special commemorative days just for celebrating foods. Like apples, chocolate, hot dogs, popcorn, cookies, even ice cream!

So see sections below for fun links to various fall senior activities and recipes..

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General Fall Senior Activities

Easy fall centerpiece craft

Here are ideas that can be used throughout fall…
Do be sure to add a craft or two to each month. To get started, here’s an easy one that can be done throughout the season…

Fall Centerpiece Craft — Fall is a great time to get outside in nature, gather some natural items, and make something special. Like an easy centerpiece, which are great fall senior activities.

In the example, we simply filled a vase with pebbles from outside, topped with a little potpourri. Then inserted several stems of the dried plants we gathered.

Lastly, we tied a couple strands of raffia around the vase for a final touch.

General Fall Themes – Favorite themes to use in crafts and other fall senior activities…
Squirrels, pumpkins, gourds, grapes, apples, leaves (See our leaf template page), corn, the full moon, bats, wheat, hay bales, cornucopias, ducks and geese, scarecrows, crows and ravens. (You’ll see free templates for many as you follow our various links).

squirrel template

Also see pages for:
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Outings — A fabulous time to add outings to your fall senior activities. You may be familiar with many: taking strolls through parks and gardens, visiting arboretums, and drives to see fall colors,

Also collect items from nature to use later in centerpieces and crafts (We have lots of ideas coming up. Also, if you spray cattails and milkweed pods with fixative, they won’t as easily “shed”). Visiting pumpkin and gourd patches are favorites, and the nostalgic apple orchard. Some offer hay rides, apple picking, treats to buy, and have cafes too. 

It’s also football season, so you may have many in your group interested in taking in a game, pro or not. Plus outdoor picnics and barbeques, complete with a hay bale or two.

And if you did some straw bale gardening this year (whether vegetables, herbs, or flowers), it’s time to go out and harvest! Your edibles will be fantastic to use in autumn recipes. If you didn’t make a straw bale garden (yet) click the link and see how easy it is for next year, from a national expert who wrote a special article for us. A perfect way for seniors to garden.

Take a pet for a walk (either yours or someone else’s) and/or play with them outdoors in the crispy colorful leaves. Animals can be a real mood picker-up! So maybe even have a fall pet day.

pumpkins with dog


Pressing Flowers and Leaves – As you have outings to gather foliage and flowers, you can also press them between the pages of stacks of heavy books (using paper towels under and over them to prevent stains), or iron them between wax paper and newspaper, the old fashioned way. Then arrange in picture frames or decoupage in a variety of crafts. Leaves can be decoupaged onto vases; or canvas board that has been painted with a colorful base coat of acrylics.

Parties! – Themed parties are perfect for fall senior activities. There is always football, Halloween and Thanksgiving. But what about trying something new. We have lots of suggestions on our perfect party theme ideas page!

gift basket

Gift Baskets – The abundance of autumn offers a special opportunity for giving in your fall senior activities. And not only for Thanksgiving. It’s so easy to create personal gift baskets – for give-aways too, fund raisers, silent auctions, the sick or needy. Or a friend, family member, or occasion like a birthday.

If you know about the recipient’s preferences, hobbies, etc.,  we’ve lots of theme suggestions. Perhaps include homemade items and treats – more fun fall senior activities to do. Check easy ideas to make a gift basket.

Basket Weaving – Learn how using willow, reeds, grasses, raffia, etc. This is an ideal activity to learn either individually or as a group. There are easy directions online, or have a knowledgeable person teach a class; perhaps have a guest teacher come in. There may also be local classes to attend. Use them at home, as gifts, or for centerpieces. It also gives more meaning when creating a gift basket, if you’ve actually made the basket too.

Gift Shawls – One of the most meaningful items Dad and I received was when the parish nurse visited us with prayer shawls handmade by women and men from church, while praying; mine is the one shown. At any rate, shawls are wonderful fall senior activities to do, and you may find men might want to join in. You can do basic knitting, or more advanced, depending on your group. It’s great fun to sit around the table, listen to music, chat, and partake in refreshments (of course!).

Pinecone Crafts – Fall is a great pinecone season, and in most areas you can find them small to very large (like some forests in California). Or craft stores often carry them. With other items from nature and basic supplies, you can turn pinecones into all sorts of things. Use during the winter holidays too. Check out our pinecone crafts.

Relaxation Coloring Group — I know someone who goes to a bi-monthly coloring group, working on gorgeous designs like florals, mandalas, and stained glass. They get sheets sometimes online, and sometimes buy booklets. Plus lots of great conversation and food! It started as a way to spend time indoors when fall came, and has been going ever since. The group just loves it!

Burlap Crafts — Burlap is a fall-ish fabric, and flexible! Use it to decoupage on the tops of wooden boxes, onto bird houses, make flowers from them and sew or glue to projects. Try it as backings for collages, in picture frames, or book covers. Decorate jars (including filled with jams and treats you’ve made) or vases, tied with a little raffia, like the one we found, below.

Leaf Projects — There’s nothing like the color of autumn leaves for fall senior activities. You may remember pressing them between heavy books, or ironing them between pieces of wax paper and newspaper.

Then they’re perfect to use in collages, including on canvas boards. Paint a base coat over the board first as background, then decoupage on a swirl of leaves. When dry, you can add lines of stems and vines with marker or 3D squirt paint, if you’d like. Try decoupaging leaves onto a vase or large glass pillar candle holder. We also have leaf template ideas to use at this link.

Painting Pumpkins – Fall senior activities often involve pumpkin themes, but not everyone can carve them. So pull out the paints instead! From floral motifs, to leaves, to comical characters, there are lots of projects to try. Make them as easy as you’d like. Perfect to use in centerpieces, for parties, add to gift baskets, and as give-aways. Find out what to do at painting pumpkins and gourds.

…And pumpkins can be used as planters too. Just slice off the top and hollow them out as usual, then insert a pot with plants, a vase of fresh flowers, or artificial flowers and foliage. If you’re using real plants, be sure your container has a draining tray underneath it.

Painting on Apples or Oranges — We have many ideas for on our apple craft page about how to “paint” or draw designs on them with a simple opaque white marker. (And see lots more apple projects too). Also try the same idea using black marker on oranges. Stand fruit in a row and create a continuous type of design. as shown with the oranges below.

paint oranges with markers

Gourd Crafts – This is a favorite for fall senior activities, and our memory care patients also used it, with a little extra help.

Gourds come in all kinds of colors and odd shapes, inspiring whimsical characters. Like a gourd goose, or gourd ghouls, ghosts, and grannies too. Pumpkins are a type of gourd and can come in fun little sizes. See projects at gourd craft ideas.

craft books

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vintage pumpkin patch

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