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Welcome to our special Forum where you can share your extra income ideas for retirees and seniors. (And for that matter, anyone else who’d like to participate!)

We’ve had a lot of interest in working after retirement over the many months, so we did write a main article about that topic (see our main page at Work After Retirement – Creative Options). But we knew our visitors would have lots more ideas too, so we decided to create a Forum in which you could share your thoughts and experiences (or those of people you know).

The purpose of this Forum is for our readers to submit extra income ideas that they have actually done, or people they know have actually done. These can include both things that did or did not work out! And if it didn’t work out, we’d love to know a little about why and what happened. The same for successes. Perhaps you have recommendations, or pitfalls to avoid.

For instance, you may know there are lots of online working from home ideas – for companies that are both bona fide and scams. We’d love to know if anyone has had real-life experience with any of these, or know of anyone who has! 

Many of our readers definitely have talents and skills that could make them money from home, but don’t know exactly how to get the word out. Any suggestions for that? After all, “marketing” is part of success. And also ways family members may be able to pitch in and help.

It’s easy to participate
First, click on the “Working After Retirement” link below, to enter Forum.
Then, just jump write in and enter your ideas in the Comment area. They don’t need to be long, but they certainly can be! (All submissions do get reviewed first before they’re posted). We’re looking for all kinds of ideas and help… We hope to hear from you!

Ideas From Our Visitors

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Be sure to also read our original main page on work after retirement, where you’ll get lots more ideas. Just click the link below. It may help you remember something that you can then post on this page!

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