English Muffin Recipe

by Dee

I’ve got easy English muffin recipe ideas with a little different twist. Are you familiar with the sprouted, whole grain breads? That is what makes the real difference for these. The nutrition is fantastic and they taste fantastic too. The brand I get is “Food For Life.”

I discovered their muffins a few years ago, and the reason they’re so different is because they are made from 7 sprouted grains, which is much better for vitamins and enzymes, high-quality carbs, protein, and almost no fat. And the sodium is lower too. I found out about them from someone I know who is gluten intolerant, but can still eat their sprouted bread products with no problem.

Although ground like flour, with a consistency when you eat it like flour, what’s used is not really “flour” (although you’d never know). Apparently because the grain has been sprouted, it is then “Live” food and so much more nutritious. Also, they use a special baking process that better maintains the nutrients rather than cooking them out. So these are very good for anyone needing some concentrated, quality nutrition in a really easy and fast way, like many elderly do.

Anyway, didn’t mean this to sound like a pitch, but I really recommend these or something similar. Sprouted bread products are nice and substantial, so even half of one of these English muffins is satisfying, especially as we age and appetites get smaller. Any of these ideas will work for breakfast, lunch, or a snack. By the time you get done adding the different toppings, you’ll for sure have a complete protein meal.


First toast the English muffin as usual. I also like to spread on a very little butter. Then try a variety of nut butters like natural peanut butter, almond butter of cashew butter. If you want to go all-out, add some honey or natural jam. The nut butter coupled with the sprouted grains will give a complete protein.

Another really good version is a couple slices of hard-boiled egg or scrambled egg, along with some turkey bacon. I used just one strip cut in half. Some people like ketchup on it. And a slice of cheese. If you use low-fat there are fewer calories, and lots of protein.

For a snack, you can have cream cheese with a little fresh fruit on top, or some all-fruit jam.

I’ve also put these in a toaster oven with a slice of low-fat cheese on top, which melts as the English muffin toasts, so you get a toasted cheese sandwich. I’ve even added a couple sliced walnuts or pecans on top too.

If you don’t like English muffins for some reason, the same company also make an excellent bread called Ezekiel bread, using sprouted and ground grains, beans; lentils, etc. based on the ancient verse from Ezekiel 4:9. It’s also a complete protein in itself and high in other nutrition as well. Any of the above English muffin recipe ideas will work with this bread too. (They also make a great cinnamon-raisin version.)

So if you haven’t yet had sprouted breads, give them a try. I think the nutrition is really worth it; they’re practically a meal in themselves, and perfect if you’re on the go. Just slap on a little peanut butter or slice of cheese and go out the door.

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