Festive & Easy Sangria Recipe

Our easy sangria recipe is sure to add a little sparkle to your plans. Sangria is a popular Latino beverage for parties and fun. The word literally means “bloody” – because of its typically red color.

Sangria is basically a wine punch, and adds to any festivity – or as a cooler on a hot day. But why wait until it’s hot out. Even during chilly winter months, staging a fiesta party with all the trimmings helps us think of warmer weather to come. And every fiesta needs Sangria!

You may have heard that studies have shown that red wine is high in anti-oxidants. And fresh fruit, of course, is high in all sorts of vitamins and minerals. So sangria can also be a nutritious drink!

If anyone in your party has dietary concerns or elderly issues that prevent drinking alcohol, you can certainly use sparkling grape juice instead of wine. So try these easy sangria recipes soon.

Red Sangria Recipe

Two bottles of inexpensive red table wine blend (this is a blend of red grapes and has a more fruity). You can get it for about $10 per bottle.
Or two bottles of sparkling grape juice.

Pour all of the wine into a punch bowl or large pitcher.
Add in fruit as follows: one sliced orange, lemon, and lime.
Add 1/2 cup frozen blueberries.
Also good – 1 cup of cut, pitted cherries.Approx 2 cups carbonated water – optional. Amount can vary to preference.

Add ice – you can freeze strawberries, cherries or blueberries in the ice cubes too. Some will float to the top. This makes the drink even more festive, especially if you insert a fancy toothpick into them.

If you want to sweeten — (use 2 – 4 tablespoons). It’s best to dissolve sugar or sweetener of your choice (I always like the natural stevia types) in hot water first, then pour into the Sangria – it will blend in more easily. Honey is also great.

Makes 8 to 10 servings.

White Sangria Recipe

1 bottle of Pinot Grigio white wine.
1 bottle of Reisling wine.
Add a sliced lemon and lime (no oranges).
1 cup of cut green grapes.
1 cup pineapple chunks.
1 cup sliced kiwi.
Add ice, with frozen fruit if you’d like.
Sweeten if desired, as in instructions above.
Carbonated water also adds a little pizzazz, and is optional.

Another idea for your easy sangria recipe — Some people like to add in brandy or vodka as well – it all depends on your taste!

Makes 8 to 10 servings.

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