Easy Decorative Flower for Gift Bag

by Maria Chatzi
(Thessaloniki, Greece)

Easy decorative flower

Easy decorative flower

Level of difficulty: Easy.
Ages it is suitable for: anyone over 7 years old.
Time Required: 7-15 minutes, depending on skills and previous crafting experience.

Materials needed:
orange craft paper (the thicker the better, as it makes a sturdier flower).
a big white button.
a piece of yellow string or ribbon (even knitting wool will do).
8 self adhesive green dots.


Draw the outline of a flower on the orange craft paper and cut it out. Use your pencil to open two holes in the center of the flower. Pass your string or ribbon through one of these holes to the back side of the paper flower and then to the front again. Now take your button – thread the two free ends of your string or ribbon through a button hole each. Tie a double knot to secure the button on the flower. When you’ve made the knot, take the self-adhesive dots and stick them on each free end of your string/ribbon. Stick two of the dots on one end, and two on the other end (like in the picture). Then stick the rest on the back side of these four dots.

Decorate your gift bag with this handcrafted flower by attaching it to the paper bag with a staple.

Editor’s note: Thank you very much Maria. This is a really fun project. And welcome all the way from Greece! It’s always fun to hear from other people around the world.

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