Decorate A Candle Craft

by Mara
(New Mexico)

It’s easy to decorate a candle to make it special. This one is done in tissue paper! And a little acrylic paint. I used a pillar candle, but you can do tall candles, even votives, as well.

I’m sure this candle craft would be easy for elderly people to do. All it takes is a few basic supplies.


Pillar candle
Colored tissue paper
Black or brown Sharpie permanent marker or acrylic paint
Thin brush, if using paint
Water container
Mod Podge, or a clear acrylic varnish for crafts

How To Make It
Keep most of the design toward the bottom and middle of the candle, since the candle will eventually burn down. (Unless you’re using one of those flameless types). I decided to use a nature theme. Both men and women like to work with nature ideas.

First I tore some triangular shapes out of yellow tissue to form the background, at the bottom of the candle. It slants down across the candle. I allowed there to be gaps between some pieces, and others to overlap. I liked the torn edge look.

Next, I took brown acrylic paint and painted a branch, also slanting down across the candle, basically following the lines of the torn paper.

Then I cut out several sizes and shapes of leaves out of about 4 colors of tissue: yellow, light green, dark green, and brown. I painted on a thin layer of Mod Podge on the back of a leaf, and pressed it on to the candle near a branch. Then I painted more Mod Podge over it to make it lay flat. I tried to make the leaves stick out from the branches at various angles so it would look more interesting. I also overlapped some of them, because it makes an interesting new color where they overlap. You can put them on any way you want. Pretty hard to make a mistake!

When all the leaves were on, I found I had to touch up the branch with paint a little more. I think it would have been a lot easier to just draw it on with a Sharpie (fine tip) marker. Then I put on 3 more layers of Mod Podge to coat the whole thing, drying it a least 30 minutes between the coats.

Flowers and birds would also look nice as designs for these. And so would a colored candle!

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