Crispy Crab Appetizer

by Marilee

We tried a really good crab appetizer with all kinds of stuff on top of a crispy cracker. You can either heat them or eat them cold. (I like them heated the best). You could also microwave them, but they are crispier if you heat them in a traditional or counter top type oven. Here is what to do.

Crispy crackers (I prefer low salt Triscuits – they’re whole grain and healthier)
Can of crab meat, drained well
Seafood sauce (this is optional)
Shredded cheese, your choice
Spinach or lettuce leaf (I like spinach better)
Bread crumbs (optional)
Various toppings — such as slice of mushroom, small onion slice, pimento, celery, black or green olive, piece of fresh tomato, even one or two thin almond slices. Whatever your favorite toppings are.

Place your crackers on a cookie sheet. Spread on a little seafood sauce (if you like that). Then add a piece of lettuce or a spinach leaf. Put on a little pile of crab meat with a spoon. It this point, sprinkle on some bread crumbs if you’re going to use that – it adds a little more crispness. Top that with a little shredded cheese. Lastly, add on your other toppings. I really like a slice of fresh mushroom on mine. But use whatever you have around. If you’re not going to use the seafood sauce, these taste good with a little lemon juice squirted on the top, too.

I bake mine for 10 minutes on 300F in my little counter top oven. If you use a larger oven, you might do them at 325 or 350F.

I’d say to plan on anywhere from four to eight of these per person. They’re great for a snack just for yourself, or to serve at a party. And since they’re pretty complete, besides being used as an appetizer, they can be eaten as part of a quick lunch too. They go well with white wine or a sparkling juice. (Sometimes I make my own concoction with sparkling water or gingerale, plus some fruit juice added to it).

I’ve also tried a similar version of these using leftover lobster, white fish, and even tuna. For tuna, probably a little mayo would be better instead of seafood sauce.

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