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wood flag craft

Due to many requests, we’ve organized a page of crafts for men. They can be done as simple or more challenging – whether living at home and still very active, or on a care campus needing a bit of help.
Many men have (or had) hobbies, that they may like to still participate in, even in a modified manner.  

And we’re including FREE templates that may be helpful!
Be sure to see our “craft central” page at Easy Craft Ideas too.

Our Crafts for Men

Flag on Wood

Many of our men served in the armed forces or have family who did. Patriotic themes are very meaningful with crafts for men. Like this flag motif wall hanging (or smaller for a door hanger).

This can be easily made from the side of a crate. Or some might like to grab their hammer and nails and a bit of scrap wood and build one. Smaller size -  same general frame can be done by gluing crafts sticks together to form the frame, and then painting.

Once the basic frame is done, sand it down, and then paint it in patriotic colors with water-based paint. Acrylics works well also, for a small version. The stars can be hand-drawn, or use a template.

Optional – apply a couple coats of water-based varnish, drying between applications according to instructions.

Uses – Besides a wall hanging or door hanger, it could become a table top if craftsmen are interested and able. It can also be covered with a to-size piece of plexiglass. Even used on a coffee table as a type of serving tray on which to put snack bowls and plates.

Metal Piece Craft

craft with metal

When we saw this intriguing item made from various small gears and flat metal pieces, we thought the general idea would be ideal for our crafts for men.

General concept – In advance, put the word out to start bringing in similar small items as shown, and start a stash of pieces in a variety of sizes. Washers, small nuts and bolts and bits of fine chain work too.

Choose a base – a wooden shape (like this heart) from a craft store, thrift store, or something you may have around. You might like to drill a hole on the top for hanging, first. Other options: use the top of a wooden box. Or assemble around a wide picture frame.

Or simply mount your pieces into a framed shadow box to hang. Just form your design in the shape of a heart, basic bird, flower, leaves, or geometrics.

You can also mount it on a piece of masonite (maybe paint a colored background in acrylics first), then frame it or stand it in a small tripod style table top frame.

You’ll need to use strong glue – wood glue or something similar to mount the pieces onto your shape. When thoroughly dry, it’s ready to use. 

Patriotic Frame

Here’s another themed option for your crafts for men.
For this project you just need preferably a wide-edged frame (dollar store, thrift shops), and acrylics in red-white-blue. Optional: I also used squirt 3D “puffy paint” to make squiggles.

This is a free-form type activity, so doing hand-drawn stars, dots, and squiggles or stripes loosens it up.

First paint a background base coat in one of your colors, and dry. Then use the other colors to finish your design. We have other ideas on our picture frame crafts page.

Row of Bird Houses

row of bird houses

To continue with wood projects in our crafts for men, we found an idea that was perfect for either a group or individual.

This simply involves getting a few inexpensive wooden bird houses from the dollar store or craft store, and painting each completely differently. (You may need to lightly sandpaper them first).  If they’ll be out in the elements, use outdoor type paint and several coats of varnish. If in a sheltered area, you can use indoor-outdoor paint and a craft type water-base varnish.

Use a variety of colors and patterns. Try plaid, checks, dots, stripes, easy repeating patterns (templates are great), or paint on house features such as doors and windows. Use magazine pictures for ideas.

These bird houses were mounted across a beam (which could be another project) on the grounds. But they could also be lined up on a window sill, table, mantle, etc.

Cork Bird House

cork bird house craft

A retired family friend made this bird house all from cork, and I thought it’s a great idea for our crafts for men.

Although he constructed the frame himself, which could be an additional project, it could be done with a ready-made bird house from the craft store (in a large size).

The first step was sanding, then staining and sealing the roof. For this sample, he glue-gunned on the corks, carefully cutting and trimming them (but you wouldn’t have to) for around the opening. Another cork was used for the perch. Since this was triangular shaped and he wanted it to stand, he glued a couple cork “feet” at the bottom.

Alternative – Instead of carefully cutting the cork around the hole – First paint or varnish the frame, then dry. This forms a nice background. Next, cut and glue the cork pieces to fit as closely as possible. There may be some gaps, including around the hole, but the nice background will show through.

The entire piece can be sealed with varnish when finished, if desired.

Wood Angel

We like to use all kinds of wooden shapes and pieces in many of our crafts for men. You can get them at home improvement stores and crafts stores. Or ask folks to donate odds and ends.

Depending on the pieces you have, get creative on what to use for the body and wings. You may want them in their natural wood color with a coat of water-based varnish, or paint them white with acrylics.

A bead is perfect glued on for the head. Little dots with permanent marker are simple for the face. Use a circlet of any fine wire for the halo.

To hang, you can either attach a piece of nylon thread or ribbon to the back, or loop it around the wings, depending on what types of pieces you’ve used.  Get more projects on our page for angel craft ideas.

Patriotic Ornament

Continuing our red-white-blue theme, these ornaments are easy and fun in your crafts for men. Just collect some old ornaments in any color and size.

Of course, it’s ideal if they are made in one of the three colors to begin with. But you can always give them a base coat of paint in your desired color. Then, as with the picture frame, make free-hand stars, stripes, squiggles and dots in whatever pattern you desire. It can be overall, or just on the front.

To dry – I stand them on a small bottle cover as a stand. Ornaments can be used any time of year, or on a holiday tree.

Get more details on this and other themed projects on our 4th of July crafts page. As you know, there several patriotic days throughout the year.

Honey Stick Mouse

honey stick mouse craft

Mice are a whimsical theme to use in your crafts for men, and can be made out of many materials. Like this one from a stick for serving honey. Also used are googly eyes, small black pom-poms, and other wood shapes for ears, tail and snout. Felt could also be used for ears.

And also check out this wooden bead bookmark mouse…

wooden bead mouse bookmark craft

Get full instructions for both on our wood mouse crafts page. and even more mice ideas on our mouse crafts page.

burlap cardinal collage

Burlap Cardinal Collage

We find burlap (and denim) to add interesting texture to various crafts for men. And one of them is this burlap cardinal.

We provide a free templates and full instructions on our bird crafts page, which also has more fun projects. Birds are popular all year long.  This cardinal activity involves a frame, piece of fabric as a background, a branch drawn in black marker (or use a real twig), and snow painted with white acrylics.

You could also make the bird of red patterned fabric against a burlap backdrop. Or use a section of  wrapping paper for either the bird or the background. I like to try different options!

Below is another bird to try, from the same bird crafts page. Again, a free template can be found there.

burlap bird collage

Fall Crafts for Men

At this time of year it’s perfect to get out and use items for nature in crafts. Like gathering leaves, dried berries, twigs and pods and assembling in a picture frame. You’ll need to have a strong backing, such as cardboard or masonite. And use a glue gun or wood glue.

We also have lots of ideas on our page on Fall crafts for the elderly.
Or perhaps you’re interested in some fun with painting pumpkins and gourds. The image below is an example from that page.

cartoon painted pumpkins

We love working with whimsical gourds

gourd crafts

…which you can find in all shapes and sizes during Fall. So we’ve come up with a variety of designs for them. And no doubt you’ll get a few of your own. Take a look at our page on gourd craft ideas.

Christmas Crafts for Men

We have a variety of Christmas projects on our web site. Our main page is at our Simple Christmas Crafts page.

The cookie cutter ornament (or wall hanging or door hanger) is one of them.

You’ll also find ideas about pine cones, snowmen, Santas, craft-like holiday treats to make (and eat) and much more.

Many of these activities are ideal for giving as gifts or using at parties too! Some can also be included in silent auctions, gift baskets, as prizes or give-aways during your festivities.

The images above are just a few samples you can find about from our whimsical Santa crafts page, with lots more to check out as well!

Our Craft Books!

Easy Crafts and Gifts – Why hunt all over our web site! You can get a loads of new crafts and a consolidation of favorites from our site all in one place – over 120 projects! And Plus you get a FREE booklet of templates to use for any of your activities.

So see a sneak peak on our special page at the above link.

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