Cool Collage & Craft TemplatesFor Senior Activities

photo collage craft of ireland

Get lots of layout designs, collage and craft templates!

You’ll find these templates useful for many of your arts and crafts.

They’re handy for projects of all kinds, including scrapbooking, greeting cards and flyers.

And all of our templates here are all free!

A great craft or art project — whether scrap booking, greeting cards, collages, paintings, etc. — begins with a strong layout design. Sometimes it’s just hard to know where and how to put things in to create a good design. Here are some free templates you can use for all kinds of arts and easy craft ideas. There are three sizes to choose from. They can be reduced to smaller sizes as well, to fit onto other formats such as small art canvases or boards.

These collage and craft templates can be used for many ideas.
The segments within each template are guidelines in which to place photos, mosaic materials, beads, paint, items form nature, or a mix!

And don’t forget to do something creative with the borders. They don’t have to be just boring lines. How about painting them, using fabric puffy paint, adhesive faux “lead,” create a look of vines, use real reeds, shoelaces, ribbon, yarn, etc.

And think outside of the box! These craft templates are laid out in straight lines and boxes…but can you picture them in curves instead? A more graceful flow? Just turn each straight line into the curve of your choice.

If you’re looking for senior activity ideas, these will work great. If you lead a group for elderly activities, try a project on a small canvas, a white canvas board, or piece of masonite — that can then be framed and used as a gift.

Our Craft Templates…

Nature Templates

We have free craft templates and patterns for flowers and leaves. You can use them for all sorts of crafts for the elderly and seniors. Just click on the links here to view them, and print out for your use:

Flower Templates and Designs — Flower templates and designs come in really handy if drawing is not your strength, or if you just need some new ideas for your arts and crafts projects.
Leaf Template and Pattern Ideas — Our free leaf template and pattern ideas are great for arts, crafts, collages, painting, etc. Check it out if you want a new idea or easy pattern without drawing it yourself!
Free Animal Template Ideas — Find several new animals (that can be also be used along with the Flower and Leaf templates) in projects for many seasons. We explain how.

Collage Templates

To view and download the larger templates,
just Click on each image below.
The larger templates you will download are these sizes:
First Row — Large are 8.5 x 11
Second Row — Large are 11 x 8.5
Third Row — Large are 12 x 12
Fourth Row — Large are 12 x 12

“200 Template Drawings” Book

Be sure to see loads of other craft templates and ideas in our handy little e-book called “200 Template Drawings – For Arts and Activities,” with 239 pages of nature patterns and templates. It’s 200+ pre-drawn pictures of all kinds of subjects to give you a hand with the art part of any project. They range from silhouettes, to simple, to fancy. You can use them as is, mix and match them for endless possibilities, simplify them if you’d like, or add your own details. Perfect for either individuals or groups. So if you don’t like to draw, can’t draw, are in a hurry, or want lots of drawing ideas, be sure to click the link to see some Sneak Peeks of the pictures!

“Easy Crafts and Gifts” Book,
with FREE mini Bonus Template book

We have lots of crafts in many places around our web site, for many ability levels. But why hunt all over? Our crafts (and other activity ideas too) are all consolidated and organized, along with dozens of new never-seen-before projects for both men and women, in our e-book! You get over 120 projects, with plenty of tips on different ways to make them! Plus, it’s bundled with a FREE mini booklet of about 30 templates.

Two books for one:
1) “Easy Crafts and Gifts – For Little Money & Lots of Fun,”
— plus —
2) “Bonus Templates & Patterns.”
Click here to get more information!

Also see these other fun pages:

Senior Activity Ideas — A nice variety of senior activity ideas for those with more mobility or a higher ability level. Some great to do alone, and some in groups.
Elderly Activities — More ideas for those who are less active or who may have restrictions. But these activities can be modified to interest anyone, as well!

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