Crab Cakes Recipe

by Will

A batch of our crab cakes recipe can make a good, substantial snack that you can make up in advance and then freeze. Or also use them as a regular meal. Either way, they have lots of protein and are perfect for munching on as a quick snack or to make as a meal for anyone who has a small appetite. You will get a lot of good nutrition packed into these crab cakes. And you can make then as small as you want. These are very easy to do.

Just adjust the amount of any of the following ingredients as you need to.

1 pound of crab meat (canned crab is also is fine)
1/8 cup of mayo (optional)
1/8 cup of chopped red peppers
Dash of salt and pepper
1 beaten egg
bread crumbs
Vegetable or olive oil
Slice of cheese (optional)

Not everybody likes the taste of mayo, this that ingredient is purely optional. But also, some people do like to add in a little dry mustard. So it’s up to you.
Mix together the crab meat, mayo if you are using it, the red peppers, salt & pepper. Form the mixture into the size of patties that you want.

Next, you need to put the ingredients for the coating into three separate shallow containers. I use those aluminum pie pans.
a) flour
b) beaten egg
c) bread crumbs
Then you dip the patties into each pan to well coat each one. When coated, cook them in a skillet on medium heat in a little oil until brown they are brown (for about 3 to 5 minutes on each side). If you are going to add a slice of cheese, put it on when it’s almost cooked and let it melt over the top. This will add a little extra protein also, as well as extra calcium.

Again, you can freeze them and eat whenever you want.
And they’re really good served with a little chipotle sauce too! You probably have your own favorite sauces that you like as well. If you are a fan of sandwiches, you can serve them on a piece of lightly buttered toast, a toasted English muffin slice, or even a hamburger bun. When I use a bun or bread, I make them open faced with just one slice, so it’s not too many carbs or extra calories. And I only use the whole grain kind.

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