Chocolate Spoons

by Angie

I have some really fun ideas for making chocolate spoons and ways to decorate them. It is an activity that is easy for most people to do, including kids and elderly folks too. You can use these treats for many kinds of occasions and parties. And they’re really nice as gifts you can make. Not to mention, what a great spoon for stirring in coffee or coco!

I prefer to use the microwavable chocolate because it is the easiest and fastest method.

But you could also do it the old fashioned way where you melt bits of chocolate in a double boiler. (A double boiler is very important to avoid burning the chocolate). It needs to be put on medium heat and stirred frequently until it’s melted.

This works well if you want to use white chocolate – which as far as I know does not come in the microwavable tubs, just chunks or chips. Also, as a little surprise, you can add a drop of food coloring into the white chocolate, if you want to make it a special color for a holiday festivity. (Like adding a drop of red will make pink for Valentine’s Day, or green for Christmas or St. Patrick’s Day). I’ve also added in a drop of peppermint extract when I make them green. Peppermint with chocolate is one of my favorite flavor combinations.

So here’s what you need:

Tub of microwavable chocolate (or a package to do in the double boiler).
Several spoons – as many as you want. I use metal not plastic.
Sprinkles and small or crushed candies to decorate them.
Food coloring, if coloring white chocolate
Wax paper.
A platter.
Ribbon and colored cellophane (optional).

Melt your chocolate first. Remove it from heat. Dip a spoon into the melted chocolate and twirl it around so both sides get coated. Put it on the wax paper to harden, then dip it again.

When the spoon is all covered, while the chocolate is still soft, either dip them in sprinkles or candies, or sprinkle them by hand on to the top. You can make little faces too with different candies – those are really cute. And hair (with coconut, for instance).

Then you can tie a ribbon around the spoon, or even wrap them in cellophane with a ribbon if you’re giving them as gifts. These do make really good gifts. Use them for stirring into coffee or hot chocolate.

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