Chocolate Raspberry Dessert

by Inga

My chocolate raspberry dessert sauce (or spread) can be used so many ways. And it’s sugar free (if you prefer). You can use it for dipping chocolate, to make chocolate covered strawberries (or use other fruit), as a spread on top of cookies, or as a sauce on top of cake like pound cake or angel food cake.

I make this with sugar-free, all-fruit jam. Of course you could use any flavor other than raspberry too. The chocolate sauce is also sugar-free (Smuckers brand). So it’s very good for any elderly who need to be careful of sugar intake. And all ingredients can be adjusted to whatever amounts you like to suit your taste and the consistency you want.

This is just a guideline. And it’s one of those things I probably make a little different every time. Also, you might want to at least double the amount if you are going to spread it on a cake, like frosting. The nice thing is that you can just keep adding a little more at a time until you get the amount you want for your specific use.


3 Tablespoons of all-fruit raspberry jam (or other favorite flavor)
1/2 to 1 Tablespoon of chocolate sauce
1 teaspoon of a raspberry liqueur, brandy, etc. (optional of course)
Squirt of lemon juice to make it slightly tart
Small pinch of cayenne pepper or chile powder (optional – this gives it a slightly “hot” taste)
Finely ground nuts
You can also top it with real raspberries, or frozen
I’ve also mixed in a bit of whipped cream sometimes, to give a different feel and taste.

Mix together the raspberry (or other flavored) jam, chocolate, and the liqueur or brandy if you are using it. Next the lemon juice. Then add in just a pinch of cayenne pepper to give it a hot, zesty taste. At this point check if it’s the consistency and taste you want. Otherwise, adjust the amounts of what you want to further add in. Last, the nuts. Make sure to mix everything well.

Now it’s ready to spread on your cake, cookies or use it as a dip. Besides strawberries, I like to use wedges of apples, oranges, and also pecan halves. It’s really good on dried apricots too. Also delicious over ice cream, including in a cone. I’m sure there are many more things you can add in. If you like the combination chocolate raspberry flavor, then you can use this to turn lots of different things into a chocolate raspberry dessert.

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