Family Night Chocolate Milkshake Recipe

chocolate milk shake

This is an old-fashioned chocolate milkshake recipe (actually, I prefer to make it as a chocolate malt recipe) that has been in our family since before I was a little child. So it’s just short of ancient.

Every Friday night we used to have Family Night with board games and special treats. My dad was the one in charge of organizing the treats. Of course in those days popcorn was made on the stove top in an old kettle with hot oil and lots of real butter.

He also taught us how to make a great chocolate shake (or malt) in our old blender. We learned by just throwing the ingredients in by “feel,” instead of measuring everything out.

Now that I take care of my father, we sometimes have our own popcorn and chocolate shake nights, reminiscing about those years long ago – delicious and fun, and it’s good for his memory too.

This kind of Family Night concept (or whatever you would like to call it) is a great memory booster, as well a venue for sharing past experiences with family and friends. And sharing the favorite treats and any healthy snack recipes that went along with them is part of the fun. So here is one of ours.

Dad’s Chocolate Milkshake Recipe

Over the years I’ve tried tweaking our original chocolate milkshake recipe a little bit and am including other suggestions to try as well. Since the original was put together by instinct, these measurements here are approximations and can be adjusted to fit your taste.

Not everyone likes the taste of malt powder, but I love it, and I think it makes the shake much richer. But you can certainly leave it out.

If you are on a restricted diet and need to watch sugar intake, you can usually find a low- or no-sugar ice cream (artificially sweetened). There is also a variety of unsweetened or lightly sweetened coco and chocolate powders or syrups out there. So you can turn this into a pretty healthy dessert.


    2 to 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream, depending on how thick you want it!
    1/2 to 2/3 cups of milk, depending on how thick you want it.
    2 Tablespoons of coco powder or chocolate syrup
    1 Tablespoon of malt powder (optional)

I first put the milk, coco and malt powder into the blender and blend it until thoroughly mixed. Then I put in the ice cream. I happen to like my ice cream chunky and not all the way blended, so I turn on the blender for a few more seconds until it reaches that consistency. However, some people like their shakes completely smooth.

chocolate ice cream

If you want an even thicker chocolate milkshake recipe, you can add about 3 ice cubes. I suggest putting them in with the milk and pre-blending them with the initial ingredients.

I’ve also used chocolate ice cream, but for me it turns out really sweet. (But it is reeaaally chocolatey). Also, I find there is enough sweetener in the ice cream and chocolate, so I do not add in additional sugar.

Having an ongoing tradition like a Family Night, either with family or a special group, is a really meaningful activity to start or continue. Often times our grandparents participated, so we having many great memories with the elder generation too. One of them that has lasted to this day is this refreshing chocolate milkshake recipe.

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