Reasons to Make Seniors Walk Daily

A man and woman walking in the park

Walking is a great way to exercise the body. Ever since we were young, we have been taught the importance of taking a few minutes of walking every day. It helps improve our cardiovascular health, reduce the risks of heart disease and stroke, build stronger bones, helps manage high blood pressure, and … Read more

Helping Alzheimer’s Patients with Fruits and Vegetables

A table full of vegetables

As we grow old, our bodies continue to change, making us more prone to different types of a medical conditions. Although these changes seem inevitable, there are several ways for us to make sure our body is having the right nutrition, which improves our overall health. Furthermore, various medical disorders are common … Read more

The Surprising Benefits of Consuming Oil

Surprising Benefits of Consuming Oil

Getting a well-balanced diet becomes more critical as you age. You need to be careful with your food choices and opt for ones that can keep you healthy, energized and away from developing chronic conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease. You most likely hear to add more fruits, vegetables, and water … Read more

Factors That Trigger Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in the Elderly

Factors That Trigger Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in the Elderly

At some point in our lives, we feel tired and unable to perform even the simplest daily tasks. Sometimes, an exhausting activity precedes this feeling, and that is entirely normal. However, if the elder in your home feels the unrelenting feeling of exhaustion that grows gradually over time, maybe it’s about time … Read more