Who doesn’t love a party?Get great party theme ideas, party decorations, games, and more. Make your party especially easy and fun! Maybe add a costume? (At least a party hat of some sort)! And most of these parties you can modify with no problem to fit the needs of your group, as well as for…Continue reading

by Marian (Maine) One of our popular activities is to have a pickle tasting party. Especially if you have people in your group who make pickles (or know how to). And we don’t limit ourselves to just the cucumber type pickles either! Many senior groups have members who make (or used to make) pickles as…Continue reading

Our holiday treats for seniors are easy and creative! You’ll see Santas, snowmen, trees, snowflakes, cookie ideas, more… brought together here from all over our web site so you don’t have to hunt around. The winter holidays are a perfect time for party theme ideas, so we have many treats on this page that are…Continue reading

by Frank (New York) We found having an easy karaoke evening is a big hit. I was surprised how many of our elderly residents loved to sing. And watch others sing. Our age group ranged from 70’s all the way up into the 90’s, and even some of them wanted to share the limelight! Some…Continue reading

by Rebecca (NJ) Here are some top luau ideas for a good party that we’ve had with our group. A luau is perfect to have any time of year, especially in the winter. Some guests may have lived or traveled to the South Pacific including Hawaii and will have some authentic ideas. Elderly love to…Continue reading

A wine and chocolates party is very well attended – and quite versatile to fit your needs, including with non-alcoholic selections. It can be either casual yet elegant, or more elaborate. Whatever way you choose, these parties are popular activities for seniors. And also make great events for the public, including as promotions for your…Continue reading

Elderly fiesta activities and parties are popular any season. Any time is a great time (especially in the winter when you wish it was warm out)! All you need are fun fiesta party items, plus Mexican food and recipes. Maybe some special party bags and party invitations. And, of course, pinatas. You can get many…Continue reading

by Roberta (AZ) Our group really likes to do Happy Hour activities. And we do use both alcoholic beverages and non. At this time we do it once a month. But they’d do it every week! Each time we have a theme, like beer (especially at Octoberfest time), or margaritas, or wine, or tropical. We…Continue reading