Best Tool to Use for Opening a Jar


If you’ve never had trouble opening a jar, you’re either very young and strong, or you don’t eat at home very often. The rest of us have had enough battles with tightly sealed food items to develop some coping strategies. Even the most resilient young people can struggle. Some people’s favorite coping … Read more

Tips for Organizing Garage Tools

well-organized garage, a motorcycle, garage with cabinet, garage with ceiling

Have you ever wanted to make some home improvement but couldn’t find your screwdriver? If you’re the type that spends more time looking for tools in the garage than working on the job, then these tips are for you. If you want to keep your garage tools organized, set aside a space for them, … Read more

Tips for Making a Bathroom Easier to Clean for the Elderly

A bathroom interior

As seniors age, many find that it’s harder to complete everyday tasks independently. Simple chores like scrubbing or mopping the floors might be challenging for a senior who can have a hard time bending or standing for too long. Helping a senior meet this need is important because keeping the bathroom clean … Read more

How Can Robots Help the Elderly?

a robot offering a helping hand

Taking care of the elderly is surely a challenging task for many caregivers around the world, but knowing that you are helping another person who is unable to move properly is also very rewarding for most of them, which is why not a lot of caregivers give up on the profession since … Read more

Tips For Serving Hot Tea to Elderly

Lemon Tea

People have enjoyed tea since ancient times, and modern study has discovered a wide range of health benefits of tea. Tea fans, rejoice! Tea, it turns out, is not only a wonderful beverage and a great way to warm oneself on a cold winter day, but it also has health advantages. Teas … Read more

Safety Jewelry Items For Elderly People To Wear

Some casual jewelry 

Why must something as abstract as age crush your desire to adorn yourself with fine items of jewelry? If you have a deep love for elegant and fashionable jewelry, we are here to tell you that age has nothing on you. It’s time you got back in the game! Many elderly people … Read more

Life Hacks for Seniors in 2021

old woman smiling

A life hack is a tip or trick that can help make one’s day more efficient and more manageable. Nowadays, you will be able to find several life hacks all over the internet. However, they are often for parents of young children or young people. We understand that some everyday activities can … Read more

Tips on How to Make Your Home Senior-Friendly

senior cooking

If you’re going to renovate your house to make it more senior-friendly, then there are several things that you should consider before you embark on your project. Many ideas and options are available on the internet to help you prepare your house to be more senior-friendly. But, not everyone has the budget … Read more

Mobile Technology Tips for Seniors

A senior in front of a laptop while using a tablet

The advancement of technology is truly fascinating. From the start of the late 20th century, our technology advanced at an incredibly rapid pace. Various technologies and innovations were made to help make our lives easier. Some of the most significant inventions are computers, which serve several purposes, such as sending emails, creating … Read more