The hand reflexology chart has proven to be very handy to me recently. Some years ago I took a class in hand reflex points and basic hand massage, as well as foot reflexology. It was very effective for using on both myself and my kids. Then recently when the local visiting nurse came to her…Continue reading

Elderly problems can involve a sudden need for elder caregivers or other help …Either from an outside source such as a senior home care service, or assisted living facilities. Or perhaps you. Are you ready? But how do you really know if there’s a real problem. Or if it’s just normal aging? Our loved ones…Continue reading

Elderly health care issues may be sudden & swift. …To both senior citizens and their caregivers. This is what happened with our Dad when he suddenly called us from Arizona, his voice trembling on the phone. He said he could no longer live alone. Dad had woken up that morning and what little vision he…Continue reading

I recently was stunned about a lack of perception regarding elderly stress issues. (Not by everyone, of course). But I was really surprised to learn in an online Q&A forum about seniors, of the many misconceptions on just what our elderly may be going through, and how it affects them. The lead question in this…Continue reading

Avastin macular degeneration treatment – a shot in the eyeball – has been available for a number of years now, and we have had a very positive personal experience with it. I thought it may be useful to share our experience with those facing a decision or facing possible treatment. Or those who may just…Continue reading

There are solutions and macular degeneration help available for those who suffer from this eye disease. I am personally familiar with this concerning issue, since I am the caregiver of my aging father, who has had it for well over a decade. We don’t know how long for sure. Dad was formally diagnosed in his…Continue reading

When I started taking care of Dad (he was 93 1/2) I was aware that falls in elderly are the main reason for accidents for those age 65 and over. And it became my primary concern when he moved in with me. Especially since he was almost deaf and blind with macular generation. Dad was…Continue reading

Cataract surgery recovery is usually painless and easy. Several of my own family members including my father, and also friends, have gone through cataract surgery. (And you probably know many folks as well). A couple of the people we knew did have minor complications, but otherwise had excellent results. Mostly everyone, Dad’s specialist said, has…Continue reading

Fun and effective elderly stress activities are an important part of overall senior care. And can help give relief and distraction from burdens that befall the aging. As caregiver, I did several of these with my own father, in his late 90s, and they certainly did help take his mind off his worries. Dad was…Continue reading

The causes of blindness are many – and there is help.When Dad started having severe vision loss, I needed to find out what to do. I learned that the causes of blindness can usually be pinpointed. And if it’s found on time, there are treatments and solutions. You may know the number of seniors with…Continue reading