Tai Chi for seniors, I believe, is one of the best modes of exercise around. I have practiced Tai Chi (the full name is Tai Chi Chuan) or yoga off and on over the years. As you may know, it comes from ancient China as a martial art at first, later developing into an effective…Continue reading

Exercise for seniors and baby boomers has been hammered into us.  And there are equipment and gadgets galore. So why not make it easy, fun… and even a game. We’ve been told exercise is one of the most important measures we can take to improve our independence and health as we age. Both for ourselves…Continue reading

Dad’s a real champ when it comes to knowing exercises for the elderly. Some of them he devised himself and did for years. Others are movements I taught him to do together. When home-bound (including as a caregiver), it can be difficult to get out to classes and groups. This led me to put together…Continue reading

I have to admit, I’m not big on exercise. But the movements done in a yoga for seniors program is even something even I get around to. Because it’s fun and easy. And you can do it sitting down if you need to, like my Dad in his 90s. Yoga has long been known as…Continue reading