Candy Wreath

by Elizabeth Cromly
(Toledo, Ohio, USA)

Candy Wreath

Get a pine bough wreath and then lots of different kinds of hard candies of all different colors. Unwrap some of them.

Take one and place it in the middle of a square of plastic wrap. Pull up the corners so that you still have the candy in the center.

Twist the wrap at the base near the candy four or five times so that the plastic wrap tightens about the candy, making it shiny.

While holding it, take a wire and place the end of it between your plastic wrap, and take the other part with your other hand and wind it around the base of your candy, securing the wrap in place. I used florist’s wire (which is green).

Take three candies of various colors that have been done and twist the wires together so that they form a group, and wire them to the wreath.

Do this until you have filled the wreath to your satisfaction, leaving space for the bow at the top or bottom or side.

You can place a candy can in the bow if you wish. Peppermint candies are nice to use, as are cinnamon and green candies, throughout the wreath.

Editor’s Note: Be sure to also see Simple Christmas Crafts.

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  1. Thanks so much for this interesting submission, Elizabeth — and it’s just in time for the holidays! It sounds really fun and fairly easy to make too. I’ve seen these types of candy wreaths displayed before but wasn’t quite sure just how to make them.

    I can see this project as having all kinds of possibilities… like for Halloween (for a nice spooky look, maybe with the grape vine type wreath), for Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day too, as well as Easter. It sounds like it’s very versatile. And would make a wonderful activity for seniors with lots of ability levels.

    And if you happen to have a sample or make one again, we’d sure love to have a photo to go along with the project!

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