Candy Jar Leprechaun Craft

by Becky

Here’s an idea for a cute candy jar leprechaun craft. It’s a “pot of gold” that holds all-golden candies, including chocolate coins wrapped in gold foil. And a little leprechaun peeks out holding a chocolate coin in his arms.

The jar — It has a stocky shape like a leprechaun pot would have, and I glued small round beads on the bottom to give it the look of having short feet. You could use green beads to go with the color scheme, or ornate metallic gold beads, or paint plain wooden beads any color.

Next, tie colored ribbon around the top, any kind you have, and you can curl it too. At St. Patrick’s Day time, you can often find really pretty wide theme ribbon in the crafts stores. I used simple ribbon on this one, and also strung a couple green beads for added decoration.

The handle — is two pipe cleaners in yellow and green, with a bead in the middle, and hooked into the ribbon.

Then I filled the jar with a variety of candies, all wrapped in gold, especially gold-covered chocolate coins. You could add a little green candy in it too.

The leprechaun — is a pipe cleaner stuck into a bead. I used a small bead, but it would probably look better with a larger one. The face is made with a marker for a smile, it has a pom-pom nose, w couple craft jiggly eyes, and a piece of orange pipe cleaner glued on for the beard. You could also use a little orange felt. The hat is just colored paper glued together and then glued on to the head. The arms are more pipe cleaner, wound around the body. Then I curved them so that a gold coin would sit in its arms. I didn’t glue the coin on, because somebody will want to eventually take it and eat it!

It makes a cute candy dish for people to grab from when they visit, or you can use it at a party, or give it away. Lots of fun to make! I think children would like to help make these too.

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  1. Thanks for this idea. This is a real cute leprechaun jar. During the St. Patrick Day time, I’ve also seen some of those golden colored metal looking pots with handles, that you see pictured with leprechauns. They can come in different sizes. So if you want to have an authentic leprechaun pot look, you could try one of those as well. Just another idea…

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