“Bless You” tissue mason jar

by Keri H
(Lancaster, Ohio)

Tissue Jars

Tissue Jars

Tissue Jars

Tissue Jars

Take a quart size mason jar and paint (we used acrylic) the outside. Some colors took 2 to 3 coats. Paint the lid also (not the middle insert, you don’t need that at all).

I cut out a center insert with my cricut cutting machine from card stock. You can just cut out a cardboard or scrapbook paper center and cut a hole or make an “X” as a center and glue it inside the lid for the tissues to go through. I also cut out the “bless you” (it’s vinyl: like a sticker) with my cricut machine, and it sticks right on.

You can use a chalkboard sticker and write your own message, or just decorate it with flowers, ribbons and other items.

There are special tissues that you can buy that fit in perfectly. They are called “Perfect fit” by Kleenex (they are in a cylinder type holder, however I’m always looking to save a buck, so I just took a pile of tissues that are weaved together, pulled the top tissue up a little, rolled the tissues, and insert them into the bottle. Put lid on and pull the tissues through and you are done!

Editor’s note: Thanks so much for sending this idea Keri, and also all the lovely photos! I understand that a Cricut machine is very interesting (although I’ve never used one) and can cut and emboss and let you design, as well as being able to hook it up to a computer. But I’m sure these projects can be made without a special machine. These are really unique and would make great gifts too. There are so many possibilities of how these could be decorated!

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