Jumping Fish Banana Fruit Salad

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This fun banana fruit salad is a comical fish character, and is one of our popular party salads. We use lots of fresh fruits and veggies and dress them up. (And we have more Characters you can make on other pages, as well as other delicious ideas and dressings.)

The Jumping Fish Banana Fruit Salad especially goes great with a themed event — such as our Gone-Fishing party, which you’ll find on our fish party activities page. It’s made with fresh fruit and greens, so is really healthy. Great for elderly nutrition too. And you can use whatever dressing you’d like (or none, like me). You can surround the pear with a fruit dressing, or spritz the greens with a vinegar dressing, such as Seasoned Rice Vinegar, from a small spray bottle. Spray the dressing on the greens before you arrange the fruit. Unless you don’t mind the flavor of vinegar on the fruit.

Jumping Fish Banana Fruit Salad

You’ll need:

  • Bag of Mixed Spring Greens (they resemble water vegetation) or other greens
  • 6 grapes
  • ¼ cup blueberries (frozen is OK)
  • ½ pear, cut so there’s a flat bottom – this serves as a “rock” to anchor the fish
  • Banana
  • Small candy for fish eye
  • Tube of squirt frosting, as “glue” to secure eye (optional)
  • Toothpick
  • Fruit salad dressing (optional)
  • Vinegar dressing (optional)

Lay the greens on your salad plate. Spritz the greens with vinegar, if you are using it. Place the cut pear in the middle. Surround it with fruit dressing (if being used). Then arrange the grapes and blueberries.

Peel the banana. Try to get one with pointed end on it, that resembles the nose of a dolphin. Apply the candy eye with a little squirt frosting from a tube, which works really well as “glue” to secure the eye. Or else dig a little hole in the banana with a toothpick and securely insert the candy.

For the fins, make a little hole (or two) in the top of the banana, and insert the stem of a green. Do the same for the tail. Insert a toothpick into the top of the pear rock. Then secure the banana onto it, to make it look like the fish is leaping over the rock.

On one of our other pages we have included ideas for a great party with a fishing theme that you can have any time of year, not just in the summer. In fact, having a fishing style party has been a big hit during the winter when we long for warm weather and great times like fishing. I originally got some of the ideas for that party from my daughter, when she had a wedding shower with an all-fishing theme — a huge interest of her husband and his family.

So this little banana fruit salad was one of the ideas we had for that party — lthough it’s become fun to make any time. So do check out our fishing party activities at the link below.

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