Bacon and Eggs Pretzel Craft

by Jessica

These funny little food crafts are always a big hit, and you can give them away at the holidays. Since they have an egg theme, they’re cute at Easter too, maybe with a fluffy chick nearby. I have made them both with the really large sized pretzels and the regular sized.

These are really good crafts for seniors and elderly to make. I know the seniors where my dad lives really like to make anything with food! And then they like to eat them!

As you can see, you will need –
2 pretzels each for the bacon strips
A yellow M&M for each egg yolk
The white part of the egg is made of Marzipan,
or you can use white sculpey too (although you can’t eat that!) Or you can use frosting in a can or the kind that squirts from a tube.

I saw that you have a Marzipan recipe on your web site, and it’s very easy to make it. It works like clay. It tastes really good and is edible. I recommend using Marzipan for the egg white. But that will depend on your group’s skill level too. It is easier to just use frosting. Making marzipan though, can be another project to go along with this one.

To make marzipan…
You just get some almond paste from the store. You mix about 1/4 of a cup of corn syrup in with it and stir it well. Then you add in powdered (confectioners) sugar, starting with 1 1/2 cups and adding in more till it gets to be the consistency of play dough. This is white, so you don’t need food coloring. You have to knead it like dough to get it to the right consistency. Refrigerate it, wrapped up, for a couple of hours, then you can use it. It’s really fun to make marzipan, and you can use it for all kinds of things, not just these.!

Editor’s Note: Be sure to also see Easy Craft Ideas.


  1. Hi – I’m a grandmother and have made these with my grandchildren. They absolutely love to do it. We made them at Easter too. One of the grandchildren wanted to make the “green eggs and ham” idea (without the ham) so we snuck one in there where we made the egg white green, and used a green M&M. I didn’t want to fuss with making marzipan so we used the canned frosting and they turned out very well. Thanks for posting this idea.

  2. Thanks for this cute craft, Jessica!
    I like the idea of making the egg whites with marzipan – so you can eat the whole thing!

    If anyone would like to see our recipe for making marzipan, just go to:Marzipan Recipe.

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