Awesome August Senior Activities

August senior activities include a nice variety of themes and calendar dates. Something for just about any interest. And lots of fun food ideas too. Do as many outdoors as possible, or bring them inside if it’s hot. Just scroll down and see what’s happening!

If you’re also looking for things to do outdoors, be sure to see our page all about outdoor elderly activities.

Our August Senior Activities

Commemorations for August

Golf Month – We had a special golf month for women in June, but this time it’s open to everyone. Again, visit a golf course, hold your own tournament, go to a miniature golf course, or set up a little course or putting area on your own grounds. And of course serve treats and beverages.

Berry Month – Choose your berry, whether blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, gooseberries (ever had gooseberry jam, or a pie?), loganberries, or lingonberries (or all of above). If your group is able, have a field trip and do a little berry picking. Use them with food activities — making (or eating with another activity) desserts, at breakfast, in smoothies, over ice cream, in jams, pies, pastries, etc.

Even choose a berry-of-the-week theme, and really capitalize on it that week. Your August senior activities are perfect for a couple pot lucks too, including with berries and desserts; and group members can also share favorite recipes.

American Artist Appreciation Month – For those interested in American arts and culture, take your choice! Try Grandma Moses, Winslow Homer, Georgia O’Keefe, Ansel Adams, Norman Rockwell, Elizabeth Jane Gardner, Jackson Pollack, Augusta Savage, Andrew Wyeth, Clara Weaver Parrish, Frederic Remington, Thomas Cole, Angel De Cora, Louis Comfort Tiffany, John Vanderpoel, Cordelia Wilson, Edward Hopper, Maxfield Parrish, Thomas Kinkade, even Andy Warhol! To name a few.

August senior activities can involve creating a piece of art inspired by one of your favorites; whether the folk art style of Grandma Moses, the cottages and churches of Thomas Kinkade, a stain glass window design based on Tiffany (including coloring sheets), or free-style contemporary art on a small canvas a la Jackson Pollack (artist’s painting below).

An art appreciation talk can be presented first, or as a stand-alone. Another option is to present a digital slide show of images of various artists (found online), as visual interest during a snack or meal time.

National Peach Month – Summer is so about fruit. And peaches are a favorite.  Be sure to indulge in at least one peach specialty, perhaps even an extravaganza. Peaches with ice cream, or in ice cream. See some of Dad’s favorite homemade ice cream recipes (sweetened with honey), which you can easily add peaches to — how to make ice cream, the easy way. Or substitute in peaches instead of apricots, in our apricot bread recipe.

Inventor’s Month – So many new inventions were developed during the childhood years of our seniors, as well as mid-century. Things we take for granted today, but were they ever amazing at the time. I remember the dishwasher, Polaroid camera, and copy machine.

…Did you know…
Shredded wheat and the smoke detector were invented in 1890, the zipper in 1891, the bottle cap in 1892, candy corn in 1898, the thumbtack in 1900, the fly swatter in 1900, the hearing aid in 1902, the tea bag in 1903, the paper towel in 1907, the gin rummy game in 1909, the fortune cookie in 1914, the tow truck in 1916, the toaster in 1919, water skiing in 1922, the cheeseburger in 1924, masking tape in 1925, Kool-Aid in 1927, the corn dog in 1927, the electric razor in 1928, sunglasses in 1929, chocolate chip cookie in 1930, golf cart in 1932, shopping cart in 1937, nylon in 1938, deodorant in 1941, microwave oven in 1945, hairspray in 1948, the portable cooler in 1951, marker pen in 1953, TV dinners in 1954, the laser in 1957, cordless phone in 1965, the CD in 1965, the personal computer in 1971, the popcorn bag in 1978, and it gets more technical from there…. You can look up your favorites online.

….So why not play The Invention Game.  Fill a table full of objects or photos of them, and ask the participants to guess what year it was invented. If you guess correctly, you get 10 points, if you’re within 5 years, you get 5 points, and if you’re within the right decade, you get 1 point (or work out your own system). See more games on Elderly Games for Fun and Function.

Foot Health Month – Foot issues are very common for seniors and can affect many of their activities. This month you can promote foot health, and in your August senior activities, perhaps even learn about very simple foot reflexology (there is science behind this, and we find it really helps!) There may be someone in your community that can come and explain this interesting concept of foot massage.

Happiness Happens Month – Positive thinking is so important as we age, and finding ways to become and stay happy. As a caregiver, I always found it helpful to have a go-to list on hand of quick little things I could do throughout the day to perk me up, and Dad made one as well. Making such a list is a good activity for your group to do too. And also talk together about what works for them. The simple act of smiling, for instance, releases endorphins, lowers stress, and even can help the immune system and blood pressure. Happiness seems to be contagious. This month think of how to incorporate deliberate happiness into your August senior activities. Ask your members what really makes them happy, and then follow through with as many ideas as possible. Also see our page regarding health, music and mood.

Sandwich Month – Wow, you can really get creative with this one. There are so many types of breads, even for those who can’t eat gluten. Having a sandwich buffet is one possibility. Be sure to include a few unusual additions too. A fun sandwich activity (with kids too) is to cut the bread into interesting shapes with cookie cutters. If they’re open faced, decorate them with raisins, nuts, fruit slices and pieces, etc.

National Napping Month – Who doesn’t love a nap from time to time. Many countries also know the health value of resting during the middle of the day, thus the siesta. Celebrate napping this month. It’s healthy for us too! And something so many seniors can relate to. Even taking a 20 to 30 minute “power nap” during that slump in the middle of the day helps us re-charge (and we may not need as much coffee). It can also reduce accidents and possibility of falls.

National Parks Months – You may or may not live near a national park that you can go and visit. If not, consider August senior activities such as a virtual tour via a digital slide show. There are loads of park images online to use. Viewing large images of natural beauty is soothing and inspiring. Most likely many of your group have visited one or more of the places. You may also get books from the library to have on hand to look at, set out a puzzle with a national parks theme, have a coffee and dessert time in which folks share experiences, and even photos. Or have a speaker come in and give a presentation.

National Apple Week – Although this became National Apple Month in 1996, many still do celebrate the original Week, established in 1904. It typically falls in the first week of August, although some say the second week. A perfect theme for August senior activities!

We have lots of simple apple craft ideas to choose from, plus delicious and easy apple recipes (one of our favorites is for outstanding apple muffins). And of course they’re healthy! Did you know there are over 2,500 types of apples in the U.S., and 7,500 world wide?

International Clown Week – This is during the week of August 1-7. Do you have anyone in your group who had been a clown? Maybe it’s time to have a party and invite a clown to come. Or have participants wear some part of a clown outfit – a funny hat, a red nose, cheeks, painted mouth, whatever works.

Of course, along with games, prizes, and food. Have colorful drinks, a clown-themed cake or cupcakes, funny jello, and plenty of clown décor. This would also be a good time to do a clown craft. Kids would love to get involved in this one.

Dates for August

August 2 – Signing of the U.S. Declaration of Independence. A perfect chance for another red-white-blue celebration. For patriotic craft ideas to include in your décor, see our 4th of July Crafts page. And also re-reading our Declaration, and perhaps its history. This is an important event to keep in the forefront of our memories.

August 2 — National Ice Cream Soda Day. (Other August senior activities can also include making the ice cream for this!) This is sometimes known as an ice cream float, was invented in 1874, and it really has a lot of nostalgia. Doubtless many of your group will remember the traditional soda fountain. It’s simply a combo of ice cream with and a soft drink, or flavored syrup and carbonated water. What are the favorite flavors in your group? Take a poll and serve a few.

August 3 – Watermelon Day. Did you have watermelon seed spitting contests when you were young? Not that we’re suggesting it. But watermelon seems to bring back all kinds of fond memories, and you can use it in some August senior activities too. Like a watermelon-themed party. You could always, of course, have a big watermelon to cut up and serve. But also try watermelon flavored candy. And a fruit salad in a watermelon bowl. And watermelon jello. You can even get watermelon-flavored syrup and make your own fizzy drinks (or add vodka). Or combine fruit, watermelon, ice, and sweetener or sugar in a blender, and make a fresh, frozen drink. This can all be served on watermelon-themed table ware.

…Watermelon crafts — You can make you own placemats: find a photo of a watermelon slice, blow it up to the size you want, cut it out, make as many copies as you need placemats, then laminate them and trim the edges. If you’re artistic, draw and paint or color you own watermelon design and do the same process. Add the watermelon to your themes for August senior activities. For those handy with wood, make a cute birdhouse.

August 4 – National Chocolate Chip Day. Besides traditional cookies, what else can you use them for? Over ice cream, of course. Or in cakes, croissants, and other pastries. Or if you want to melt them and use them in fun foody projects, do check out our page on how to make chocolate covered strawberries, made from chocolate chips. And we show how to decorate them in whimsical ways.

August 5 – U.S. Coast Guard Day. Was anyone in your group in the Coast Guard? Or do you know someone who was, or is?  A great day to have someone over to talk about it and what exactly they did, or do. The Coast Guard is all about boats, a great August senior activities theme.

August 6 – Root Beer Float Day. Similar to the ice cream soda, but specifically with root beer. I try not to each much sugar, so have found root beer sweetened with natural stevia in the health food aisle, and use honey ice cream (especially when I make my own). So it’s a great solution. Root beer floats are also nostalgic and perfect to include in August senior activities.

August 7 – Friendship Day. This is an ideal theme to celebrate for seniors, especially those who live in senior communities. Do something special together, and encourage including  new people. Many communities have those who find it difficult to make new friends, and this is an excellent day to plan a special event to help everyone get to know each other better.

August 8 – The Day to Create. What does your group like to do? Most likely a myriad of things, whether music, art, baking, cooking, collecting, acting, dancing, singing, etc. This is the day to encourage everyone to pursue a creative activity. Even try something entirely new in August senior activities; something they may not otherwise have done. If you’d like some easy craft ideas, just follow the link.

August 9 – Dance the Polka Day. August senior activities just must include a party or two, and why not have a polka. Whether inviting a live band (do you know someone?) or simply using a CD or music from online, a polka dance is hard to beat. Upbeat and cheerful, there is certain to be someone in your community who can teach the simple polka steps for those who don’t know them. Then roll out the barrel and have some fun.

August 9 – Book Lover’s Day. A designated reading time with treats, beverages, and chance for good conversation can be planned for this day. It’s also a perfect time to launch a book club, if you don’t already have one. We also have a page with ideas for senior reading activities.

August 10 – National S’mores Day. Yep, that’s right. A special day for s’mores. That means sitting around a campfire or grill with your favorite ingredients. But why not get exotic and try something a bit fancy? We have lots of ideas on our page on how to make s’mores the gourmet way.

August 11 – Baseball Fans Day. Baseball is a great theme for August senior activities. Get out the baseball paraphernalia (or use a baseball theme for a craft), decorate tables, make some ballpark food, and have a baseball party. For those who can, attend a local game, or have a game of wiffle ball in your yard. And hopefully there will be a game on TV to watch too.

August 13 –  Annie Oakley’s Birthday (1860). The wild, wild West is a big part of American history, and your August senior activities simply must include a wild west party! Annie Oakley was one of the few well-known women of this era. So put out a few hay bales, a few toy pistols, get some country music (or a band), pull out that barbeque, and go for it! Annie Oakley was a sharp-shooter and great with a target. So any target type games will work well.

Be sure to wear a cowgirl/boy hat or kerchief, or go all out in jeans and western shirt. Boots too, if you have ‘em. By the way, did you happen to do any straw bale gardening? (Follow the link to our page). If so, this is when you show them off!

August 15 – National Lemon Meringue Pie Day. Lemon is a luscious flavor for summer, and a lemon pie is a favorite of many. So do consider including it in your dessert or snack time on this day.

August 16 – International Tell A Joke Day. Joke books are easy to find, including at the library. So pass it around and let your group read a few for laughs. And you may have someone in your group who is a natural jokester. Turn all kinds of things into a joke.

For some of these, you’ll want to make sure you let everyone know in advance there will be a few surprises.  Have participants wear crazy outfits, hats and/or makeup. Put a few things on the table topsy-turvy, or upside down, like the silverware. Make a few odd centerpieces. Use a toothy grin as one of the themes. They say laughing every day is good for the health and immune system. So include lots of laughs in your August senior activities.

August 17 – Davy Crockett’s Birthday (1786).  To celebrate this American folk hero, “King of the Wild Frontier,” have a western themed party or special western type meal, and don’t forget your coon skin cap. Or at least have a fake one turned upside down with a bowl in the middle for snacks. Plus a few toy rifles and a bow (probably without arrows) to add to the ambiance. There are lots of old shows available about Davy Crockett (remember Fess Parker?) And maybe a little history lesson about the Alamo, where Davy was killed in the famous battle.

August 18 – National Ice Cream Pie Day. You can also make your own. I used to make these all the time by softening the ice cream, smoothening it into a pre-baked pie shell, then enhancing it with fruit, toppings, sprinkles, even cake icing in a tube. For those who know how to do basic decorating with icing, they can become quite fancy. Then re-freeze to set it, and serve when ready.  Perfect to use at parties and to serve during other activities.

August 19 – National Aviation Day.  And Orville Wright’s birthday (1871). Some folks are real aviation fans. So if you have a chance to go to an air show in August, work it into your aviation celebration. Of course there are documentaries and movies about the Wright Brothers, and the history of aviation as well.

Kids love airplanes too. August senior activities can include having fun with kids. Make some paper airplanes and the simple balsa wood hobby planes (you can find the kits in stores) to fly. Try to land them in the middle of a hula hoop, or see who flies them the farthest, or who can get them over a line.

August 21 — National Senior Citizen’s Day. Well for sure you want to celebrate this one with some special August senior activities. See our party page at Perfect Party Theme Ideas, to get some inspiration. And since this is also the day Hawaii became a state, you might consider having a luau. One of our readers shares party ideas at the above link.

August 23 – Buttered Corn Day. In the Midwest, August is the month for corn on the cob (or taken off the cob). Buttered to the hilt, of course. If this day will work for you to have a picnic, corn will be the highlight. And shucking corn also can be a rather social activity that many find enjoyable. And no one says this day can’t be for buttered popcorn too!

August 24 – National Peach Pie Day. I make peach pie just like I make fresh strawberry pie, and it’s all natural. (See our page for the recipe). I also add in a little cinnamon too. You may have your own way, or just get them from the bakery. This is wonderful to serve at any special activity you might have planned today, or for dessert or at snack time.

August 26 – National Dog Day. So many seniors have or had pets (and may miss them). Include pets in your August senior activities, especially dogs. Invite others with pets to bring them on over for your group to enjoy. Petting, holding, and playing with dogs is very therapeutic for seniors. You can also use a dog theme in your crafts as well. If you want an image to use, see the one below.

August 26 – Women’s Equality Day. On this date the 19th Amendment of Women’s Right To Vote was certified as law. In 1971 Congress designated this day for women’s equality. There is a short film about this issue called, “Equality, I Am Woman.” Celebrate any kind of women’s contributions, whether in the arts, education, sports, science, medicine, politics, volunteering, etc. You may also have someone in your group who did something outstanding. Or who fought for women’s rights. Many may have memories of how things have changed for women over the decades. 

August 27 – Banana Lovers’ Day. If you like food projects, there are plenty of options. Banana splits, frozen bananas, bananas dipped in chocolate (see our dipping chocolate page for a really easy activity), banana cream pie, simple banana cake (like our all-natural one), banana bread, or just bananas on cereal. If you want an all-natural yet simple banana cake recipe check out the link. Or a fun food activity is making a whimsical jumping banana fruit salad fish.

August 28 – Martin Luther King’s speech. Dr. King delivered his famous “I Have A Dream” speech (1963).  To over 250,000 civil rights supporters. It was and still is considered a masterpiece. You can get a copy of the speech from your local library. Print out meaningful quotations onto small tent cards for the middle of your tables. You can also print out a small picture of Martin Luther King to add to the tent card, if you’d like. And perhaps read special passages from the speech to your group.

August 30 – National Toasted Marshmallow Day. Toasting marshmallows over a grill or fire is a tradition, and perfect for August senior activities. Combine it with a picnic or outdoor games (see our outdoor elderly activities for some ideas). You can also use them in s’mores with graham crackers and squares of chocolate.

August 31 – Eat Outside Day. If having an outdoor picnic is on your agenda for August senior activities, this is the “official” day! Combine it with a party theme. A good old fashioned picnic is always  a good choice. Or try something new. Maybe a western party theme. Or a fish fry as in our Gone Fishing type party. On that page we also give lots of ideas for food, beverages, decorating, and crafts to go with it. Making decorations and affordable centerpieces for the tables provides fun activities to prepare for the party too.

If your group has special interests like music, literature, art, the military, aviation, a hobby, sports, or a particular culture, hopefully some of these commemorations and dates will help to include in your August senior activities.

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