Fresh April Senior Activities

If you’ve found this page for April senior activities, spring is probably here, or you’re gearing up for it!

We share lots of ideas, crafts, activities, and food especially for April – both special commemorations for the month, and also plenty of fun calendar dates for you to consider.

You’ll never run out of ideas, and these will make your planning go easier too.

(Be sure to also see our page all about outdoor elderly activities).

Our April Senior Activities

Commemorations for April

International Guitar Month – Did anyone in your group ever play guitar? Or perhaps still does? This is a good month to celebrate all types of guitar music, from country to Flamenco. Add some music to your April senior activities. You could always have a guest musician come in as well and play your favorites. Perhaps talk about the history of the guitar, which some say dates back 4000 years and is based on ancient harps or the lute.

Keep America Beautiful Month – This month is a lot about litter – or perhaps lack of it. You’ve heard the phrase, “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.” April senior activities can definitely include a bit of service. Use this month to tidy up your grounds. And if possible, venture out into the community and participate in a de-littering project. I am familiar with senior centers and clubs adopting a highway as well. You may have such a program in the area in which you live too.

Garden Month – So many seniors used to garden or still do. It’s one of the more popular April senior activities and continues all throughout spring. Whether you have garden plots for people, groomed gardens on your grounds, raised garden areas (perhaps a volunteer can build it), patio or balcony gardens, or even windowsill gardens, be sure to explore the possibilities of growing something this season.

Choose from flowers or herbs and learn about what works best in your area. You might have a garden club visit, or have an outing to local gardens or a garden club. And do check out wonderful straw bale gardening for seniors. Gardening is good for the soul, gets us outdoors, and is good exercise for the hands and legs too. Also paint some clay pots and use a variety of interesting and colorful containers!

Humor Month – They say we should have a good laugh every day. It’s great for our health. So this month find ways to add humor to your April senior activities. You could get a joke book and have a little place card on the tables, maybe even a new one every day or at least every week. Show a funny movie too. Find out from your group which ones they like the best.

National Frog Month – Yup. Seems like there’s a month for just about everything. This would be a fun day to do with children as well. Did you know you can buy frog-shaped chocolates for an special treat? I know you can order them online.

If your group is able to fold origami, there are relatively easy frog projects. You can get a book from the library and try it first. For your projects, I’m including a couple patterns below that you could use. (The colored cartoon frog was made by my son). Use them to make bookmarkers, paper placemats, mobiles, door hangers, etc. Or transfer them onto colored paper or colorful wrapping paper (doubled, so both front and back are patterned) and attach to a craft stick to make a planter stick.

Math Education Month – Math is always a good way to exercise the brain. Instead of a spelling bee, have a math bee and make an easy game out of it with prizes. This of course would depend on your group. Any kind of games involving numbers would be great this month.

National Library Week – Second week in April – A perfect time to take a trip to the library. Many communities have sales or book drives at local libraries, and you may be able to participate. Or work on adding on to your own library, if you have one. Seek out new book donations from your group, families, and staff, and get volunteers to help organize it.

Easter – Easter is usually in the month of April. Check your calendar for this date. April senior activities often include Easter projects, so we won’t go in to a lot of that here. But you might try a new craft or two. Do check our “craft central” page at Easy Craft Ideas. One easy and relaxing Easter activity is to color a lovely stain glass window themed coloring page. You can find printable pages online.

We also have some really cute ones in our craft book, (with gifts you can make), so be sure to read about that.

And of course I just had to sneak in an Easter-themed chocolate dipped strawberry. In this case a spring bird with egg. Learn how to make chocolate covered strawberries in fun ways!

Passover This yearly Jewish festival occurs every spring and the dates vary, but usually around April. With Jewish communities, April senior activities most likely will involve Passover. So again, we won’t go into a lot of detail here. It seems, though, the movie “The Ten Commandments,” is popular at this time for many traditions. Because it is such a long movie, you could consider showing it in two parts for some groups.

Dates for April Senior Activities

April 1 – April Fools’ Day – Another way to celebrate Humor Month. My dad always taught us that a good sense of humor was just about a necessity in life. I never really was much for pranks, but we can all find ways to add a little fun to this day. Instead of pranks, how about special little surprises; i.e. hidden under a napkin at the table. Or dessert with a funny decoration.

April 2 – Hans Christian Andersen’s Birthday, 1805 – I’ve always been a big fairy tale fan since childhood, and Hans Christian Andersen was one of my favorites. Fairy tales impart important messages. In fact, Elbert Einstein once said about children, “If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”

Andersen was a prolific Danish writer and most famous for his tales, such as Thumbelina, The Snow Queen, The Ugly Duckling, and The Little Mermaid. You can certainly find movies for these stories, and probably at the library. There is also a delightful movie from 1952 about Andersen’s life, entitled Hans Christian Andersen, starring Danny Kay. Well worth seeing, and nominated for several Oscars.

April 2 – International Children’s Book Day – As an artist, I love to collect well-illustrated children’s books. Your group may have its favorites, and favorites that they have read to their children or grandchildren. Include a group of children into your April senior activities, and have them either read to seniors or have seniors read a favorite book to them. And of course fun and treats are in order! (This would go along great with a Hans Christian Andersen theme too).

April 6 – The North Pole Was Discovered, 1908 – It seems there had been some dispute about who really discovered the North Pole: explorer Robert E. Peary (who had tried many previous trips), or Dr. Frederick A. Cook; both Americans. Peary apparently won out. Both men made great discoveries and learned the culture and language of the indigenous peoples. The controversy and what they discovered make quite a dramatic story.

April 7 – World Health Day – Senior health is a very important issue, and as the population ages this will impact the future of all countries. We discuss many health related-concepts for seniors and elderly, including how they impact senior activities. You can find various links on our main page about elderly health care. During this month, let your April senior activities reflect health issues and concerns for your particular group, with tips and recommendations for them.

April 11 – Pres. Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act, 1968 – There have actually been Civil Rights Acts in previous years as well i.e., 1871, 1875, 1957, 1960 for specific reasons. The 1968 Act occurred during a time of unrest in the U.S., and it is also known as the Fair Housing Act, affecting discrimination in that area.

April 13 – Pres. Thomas Jefferson’s Birthday, 1743 – This Founding Father and chief author of the Declaration of Independence was also the third president of the United States. His great achievements as president include purchasing the Louisiana Territory and launching the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

In private life, he was a scholar and philosopher, avid reader, and interested in science and especially agriculture. For those interested in history, his story makes a great presentation.

Again, there is a great movie about his life by director Ken Burns, and also a longer mini series. You may be able to get them from the library. If you want to have a patriotic touch to your April senior activities, do a red-white-blue theme on this day (see patriotic ideas on our 4th of July Crafts page).

April 14 – The Titanic Hit an Iceberg, 1912 – The iceberg was hit late at night, and the ship finally sunk about 3 hours later, in the wee hours of the morning on April 15. The story of the Titanic is a classic one, full of drama, and has been retold many times in films. And it seems to be quite popular with seniors. Movies can always be worked into April senior activities, so do take advantage of this topic for this day.

April 15 – Artist Leonardo Da Vinci’s Birthday, 1452 – Da Vinci, as you may know, was not only one of our most famous Renaissance artists, but also a fantastic inventor, scientist, and even medical student of sorts. His sketches are well known, and he’s considered a genius. For those in your group who are interested in history or art history, do a presentation perhaps with slides of his art. You can find many images online to download to a computer and project them. You might also discuss some of his more important inventions such as a flying machine, solar power, and an adding machine

April 16 – Wilbur Wright’s Birthday, 1867 – This famous Wright brother is of course known for inventing the first successful airplane, along with his brother. Celebrate flying machines today. You might have an opportunity to visit a museum or see an air show, if you can include an outing in your April senior activities. Or have a speaker come out and give a presentation about older aircraft. And perhaps someone in your group may have first-hand experience with flying them.

April 16 – President Lincoln Abolishes Slavery, 1862 – The signing of this Act took place in the District of Columbia, and was later followed by the Emancipation Proclamation for the country in 1863 during the Civil War. On this day we can celebrate our diversity and freedoms, the life of Lincoln, and perhaps ponder what life might be like today had this not been enacted.

April 17 – Crossword Puzzle Day – How about a crossword puzzle mania day for one of your April senior activities. Simply invite those interested to get together with their favorite crossword puzzles in a social setting — along with special beverages and treats, of course. Crossword puzzles are often done alone in one’s home or apartment, but on this day folks can come together and have a little party.

April 17 – Paul Revere Day –  Patriot Paul Revere made his famous ride at the time of the American Revolution, calling out, “The British are coming!” This warned our troops about the battle of Lexington and Concord in 1775, This is a great day to discuss the real history behind this ride and perhaps even watch a movie about the event. Or read the famous (but slightly fictitious) poem by Longfellow, Paul Revere’s Ride. Dad used to read this to us when we were young, and it’s still one of my favorites.

April 19 – Humor Day –  Although the entire month celebrates humor, this is its special day. Plan something particularly funny, and be sure to serve an unusual treat. Maybe a cake, cupcakes or cookies with smiley faces. Any excuse for a party will be a hit for your April senior activities

April 22 – Earth Day – Needless to say, ecology and the green movement is always a big topic. First celebrated in 1970, this is now a world-wide event day. Seniors can participate too, if even in a small way. At least remind your group that this is Earth Day, and we can be grateful for our beautiful planet and natural resources. See what’s going on in your community, and if participation in some way would be a fit for your group.

April 23 – Shakespeare’s Birthday, 1564 – We’re all familiar with William Shakespeare, especially his plays. But he wrote many sonnets and poems as well. Reading an entire play or doing an armchair theater performance is a serious undertaking (and may be of interest to some). But reading a shorter piece is more do-able. There are, too, several movie renditions of his plays if you like films for your April senior activities. One of my favorites starred Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in The Taming of the Shrew. Very lively and humorous.

April 23 – Home Run Day – This day celebrates the first home run hit by Hank Aaron in 1954. A great day to watch a baseball game if possible. Maybe have an outing to a little league game, or even a major or minor league baseball game if you live in an area nearby.

Many seniors enjoy sports, especially baseball, so do a little something with your April senior activities involving baseball. Serving favorite baseball park food on this day will also sure to be a hit.

If your group is able to do a simulated computer baseball game (such as Wii), or modified wiffle ball and bat swinging (i.e., a ball can be attached to a rope and pole), then it’s great to get outdoors.

April 26 – National Pretzel Day – Yum! You can find pretzels nowadays in many shapes and sizes, salted or not.

If you’re looking for a fun food project for your April senior activities, consider making your own homemade pretzels. Pretzels are great for dipping too, whether salsa, cheese, or chocolate. If you don’t want to make pretzels from scratch, just by some of the big chunky sticks and learn how to do an easy dipping chocolate project, complete with decorating.

April 26 – Naturalist John J. Audubon’s Birthday, 1785 – Celebrate all things birds. April is the month when birds are back in full force (at least in those climates where the birds leave for the winter)! This is the day to get out the binoculars and watch for birds. Also listen to bird calls from a CD or downloaded onto your computer, and see which you can identify. Make a game of it.

Birds are also popular themes for easy craft ideas, such as a bird mobile made out of construction paper or colorful wrapping paper. I’ve included a couple of bird templates below that you could use to get started.

If you’re interested in how to paint glass, birds are also a popular item for that also. Learn the techniques and use a bird design. Decorating inexpensive wooden bird houses, which I’ve found at the dollar store, is another option too. And don’t limit yourself to just paint! Consider all sort of odd objects to glue on, such as buttons, nuts and bolts, stones, Spanish moss on the roof, etc.

If you want a foodie bird activity, here’s a fun idea for a bird-themed on our page about creative and simple fruit salad characters.

Arbor Day – (Date varies in April) – This holiday was created to plant and care for trees, including in urban settings. And you may be able to take a field trip to an arbor or orchard. Does your area have a well-known very old tree, or tree with a particular history? A great time to visit. Your group or campus can also sponsor a tree planting in your community, or your own grounds. Planting a tree in memory of a loved one or as another type of memorial makes a very meaningful April senior activity.

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