Apple Valentine Centerpiece

painted apple valentine centerpiece craft

This apple valentine centerpiece includes a very unique hand-painted apple that’s easy to make! And the flameless candle adds sparkle.

The “painting” on this apple is really just a line drawing done with a fine-tipped, white opaque marker. (If you eat the apple later, it would have to be peeled!) The daisy and vine design is easy. You could also do a heart theme. Or something fancier, if you’re artistic.

For free templates for flowers and leaf patterns, see our pages on: Flower Templates and Designs, and Leaf Template and Pattern Ideas.

It would be hard to transfer a design onto an apple by tracing on carbon paper. So keep designs simple for this apple valentine centerpiece; something you can easily draw or copy. 

The Apple Valentine Centerpiece

Materials I used:

  • Large & small doilies, on top of each other – to set the centerpiece on
  • Red candies for around the base
  • Flameless battery tea light candle
  • About 6 inches of a red foil garland or ribbon to put around the candle base
  • Wine glass (I used a cordial size)
  • Large red apple
  • White fine-tip opaque marker
  • About 6 to 8 inches of curled white ribbon (for the top)

The Base

Layer the two doilies on top of each other. This is what you can set the apple valentine centerpiece on. Arrange the candy around the inner doily.

Put the flameless tea light on top of the doily. I put a little garland around the light to add color. Ribbon works well too. Then put the wine glass on top, upside down, as a stand.

painted apple craft

The Apple

Painting the apple – Use an opaque white marker to draw a design, being mindful of the round shape of the apple. Have the largest, most important shape in the middle.

If you know how to draw a rose, they look fabulous on these apples. (See sample below).

Place the apple on top of the wine glass, and then place a piece of curled ribbon on top (optional).

Try making a variation of the apple valentine centerpiece, and lining up several in a row across a table. Vary the height of the wine glass bases to add interest. 

Below — is another variation of the apple valentine centerpiece, with the rose design, and swirling vines and small leaves. It’s a little more advanced to draw. However, if you decide to use a rose design, you could make something looser and whimsical. Below are a couple rose templates, to give you some simpler ideas. Print them out and use them for your projects.

free rose template pattens
painted apple craft valentine candy dish centerpiece

In this centerpiece, the wine glass is right side up with tea light inside. The apple sets on top of an old CD as a base, covered with a doily. It is all placed in a glass dish with candies.

(Note: This art is copyrighted. It may be used for your personal or group projects only. It may not be displayed on other web sites, sold, distributed, etc. Thank you.)

As with any of my craft ideas, I use things from home. Or buy items at thrift stores or dollar stores. So you may have some great things around your home to use for this apple valentine centerpiece instead.

This can also be modified to fit a winter theme, for instance. Try drawing on snowflakes, stars, pine cones, pine branches, or even a snowman. And a green apple will definitely work too. Since they are lighter, though, a fine-tipped black marker will show up better.

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