Apple Slice Snacks

by Jeanine

I love making apple slice snacks and dressing them up for a healthy in-betweener. Even a quick dessert. They’re delicious and very easy to make with lots of variety. And my elderly mom loves to help and of course eat them too.

Basically, you first slice an apple into sections, either thick or thin depending on what you like. You don’t even have to peel it if you use organic, as the peels do have nutrients. But you do have to clean them well, of course. Sometimes I dip them in lemon juice to keep them from browning, depending on what I am going to put on them. Because there is a slight lemon taste that would not go with some of the other flavors! Then the fun part – how to fix them up.

Here are some of my ideas of things to put on apple slices.

* Apples slices and nut butter (my favorite is cashew butter – a fantastic taste if you’ve never tried it). You can also put a raisin on top.
* Apples and a slice of banana on top – with a walnut or pecan on top of that.
* Apples and squirt chocolate sauce! I actually use some sugar-free kind. Then I put a nut or sugar-free candy (like a chocolate) on top of it.
* Apples and (sugar-free) whipped cream, with a candy on top.
* Apples and whipped cream, with a half a strawberry on top.
* Apples first dipped in lemon juice to keep them from browning, and then sprinkle with cinnamon and nutmeg – no sugar.
* Apples and cheddar cheese slice. Or blue cheese if you like it.
* Apples and a piece of salami!
* Apples and yogurt. Sometimes plain, sometimes with fruit. I try to get the natural kind with natural fruit flavor. Although sometimes I confess I sprinkle on some colored sprinkles. Craisins are also good.
* Apples with a little cottage cheese on top, and then a fresh berry or one of the above items on top of that.

Hope you enjoy these! You can, after all, get many slices and possibilities from one apple. They go a long way!

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