Easy Apple Craft IdeasFor Seniors and Elderly

Our apple craft ideas are more than just caramel apples! An apple is one of the most versatile fruits to use for crafts. And apples are available all year round.

These apple projects are fun and easy ways to incorporate apples into your activities, and are really good for senior activity ideas. Take a look and see how you can modify them or give extra assistance for elderly activities for those who may be experiencing various elderly issues that may cause some limitations.

You can use these apple craft ideas as special projects for getting ready for parties, to use in conjunction with centerpieces, or to make as gifts to give away. Keepsake ideas are always possible, by incorporating special items that can be passed on. Keep this in the back of your mind as you read about these activities.

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Easy Apple Crafts

Apple Frog

This whimsical apple craft frog is perky and fun. Sure to bring lots of smiles.

Besides a large green apple, you only need a few other items. And it’s all edible (that is, after you take off the googly eyes, the legs and arms.) Even the mouth and nose are edible – they are drawn on with edible food coloring gel. I am including a template below for the legs and face. Here’s what you need and what you do.

You need:

Large-screen apple
2 green cone shaped candies, or large green gumdrops
Black edible food coloring gel and a pen, or find tip black marker
Medium-sized googly eyes
White squirt frosting in a tube, or craft glue
Decorative paper, or green paper

If you want your apple craft to be edible, then use squirt frosting to adhere pieces together. And you see edible marker gel. If you do not plan on eating the craft later, or plan to peel it before eating. Then you can use regular marker for the mouth and nose. Or even craft glue. But be sure to wash the apple well and also peel it before eating, in that case.

First I took the legs template and drew it onto some colorful paper that I had, and cut them out. There is a tab on the thigh that you bend backwards to adhere the legs to the apple body. You also fold the feet so they stick out.

So the first step was to attach the legs, with frosting, to the body.
The next step was to glue, with frosting, the green candy eyeballs to the top of the head. Then I glued the googly eyes onto the green eyeballs, also with frosting… so they can just be removed before eating the apple. Lastly, I could then see whereabouts to draw the mouth and nose, so put those on as the final step.

Very easy and lots of fun! They would make cute gifts, part of a centerpiece, or part of a giveaway. You could even make one for each place setting if you don’t have too many people. This apple craft could also be made with a small green squash or gourd.

And be sure to see how to fit your apple frog into a centerpiece on our make affordable centerpieces page!

See templates below.
You can print it out, and also change the size according to the size of your apple. The thigh area has a “tab” that is bent back to attach the leg. Also fold the foot so it sticks out.

apple candle craft

Apple Candle Holder

You need:
Large red apple
Knife, and a spoon for scooping
Lemon or lemon juice
Tea light or votive candle
Ribbon or raffia
Upside down candle holder (or other stand)
Plate or shallow dish
Candies or nuts

As for any of the apple craft ideas, choose a large apple that stands nice and upright (I like red the best for these). You will be inserting either a tea light candle or a votive candle. On top of the apple, trace a circle around the largest part of the candle.

Squirt lemon juice on your knife and spoon, to help the apple avoid becoming brown as you cut it. Apples can brown quickly, so I get the lemon juice on them right away. Cut a hole just a little bigger than the size you traced, and as deep as you’d like. This will allow the candle to easily sit inside the hole. Immediately squirt lemon juice on the cut apple area. Drop the candle into the hole.

You can use a variety of objects for the stand, even float one or two in a bowl of water. I got an inexpensive glass candle holder to serve as a pedestal and turned it upside down. They also look nice nested on the top of a wine glass. If you are making this apple craft as a gift, think of a keepsake candle holder, wine glass, etc. that you can use, to pass it on.

I set the apple in the indentation of the bottom side of the candle holder. Next, tie on a raffia bow or use ribbon. The pedestal with apple is then centered on a small glass plate. Spread out a good quantity of candy on the plate, surrounding the pedestal with candle. I used small gumdrops. Nuts work well too. Carefully light the candle and voila, you have a really nice centerpiece or gift. (Besides for apple craft ideas, a version of this can also be done with a small pumpkin, squash or gourd).

Granny Apple Doll

apple doll head

The apple doll has traditionally been one of the favorite folk apple craft ideas, for over a hundred years. It’s very easy to make, but is done over a time frame.

It is best to do this project either in fall when it is not humid out, or else in a very dry room in your home. If you try to dry the apples near humidity, they could mold.

This cute apple doll is lots of fun to decorate, and we have many ideas for you. (We show just the head of the doll to the right). A great project for all ages. Learn how to make the full doll by clicking the link: Granny Apple Doll.

Spicy Aromatic Apple Wreaths

dried apple wreath

These apple wreaths are easy apple craft ideas and fun to make simply because of the delicious aroma — like baking apple pie. In fact, you use many of the same ingredients and spices. These apple wreaths very popular senior activity ideas too — make them simple or fancy, so perfect for all ability levels.

The wreaths can be used for many seasons and occasions. Just decide on yours, and then the color scheme you want for ribbon and any other decorations. Since apples are in stores all year round, you can modify these ideas for any season or holiday. Just click on the following link to learn how to make them — Aromatic Apple Wreaths.

Pear or Apple Gramps

apple or pear character craft

Again, this another one of the easy apple craft ideas, and it can also be made with a pear, as I did in this project. Use what you have at home.

In this case, I used many of the items listed above in the previous projects, with the same process of “gluing” pieces on with tube frosting.

The hat is an ice cream cone with candy on top. For the arms, I took florist wire, made a dip in the middle so it could sit in the glass, and then put on candy hands.

The pear goes on top of the glass (filled with candy) to keep the wire in place. The hair and mustache is just chocolate frosting in a tub.

It is set in the base of a terra cotta pot, which is filled with moss and then candy. Under the base are two artificial fall leaves, which almost look like feet.

painted apple craft

Painted Apple Centerpiece

This centerpiece includes a very unique hand-painted apple that’s easy to make! And the flameless candle adds sparkle.

Although we decorated it for Valentine’s Day, you can use the idea for any occasion by simply changing the candies and any other surrounding decor. Very versatile!
See the Painted Apple Centerpiece page.

I’ve used painted apples for summer activities too, and also in Christmas arrangements. If you want a different look, use black marker on green apples.

Apple Santa

I happened to like the shape of a red pear, so used it in this project. But of course you can use a red apple too. Find out all the details on our simple Christmas crafts page.

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