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bunny free animal template

Here’s our page with several very versatile animal template ideas. These are great if you feel you’re just not skilled at drawing, or if you need something new to add to your collection. We’ll explain how they can be used for a variety of seasons, and how you can also simplify them, if needed.

You can use these for a variety of projects (including crafts for the elderly), whether you’re doing flyers, posters, cards, painting, coloring, or adding into a design you’ve already got going. Use these animals alone, or put them together (they can be re-sized on your computer to make them larger or smaller).

Be sure to also check out our other template pages for other nature designs that can be added in to create a more complete scene — see our leaf template page, and flower templates.

Almost every animal template is versatile and can be used with different seasons. For instance, if you’re doing a design for winter, the bunny can be used with a snow scene such as a snowy branch or tree, or a snowman. Likewise, the bird could be perched on a snowy branch.

Both the cat (make it black) and the raven are perfect to use at Halloween with perhaps a pumpkin nearby, or full moon in the background. Even the frog can be used in fall. On the other hand, they could be used for spring and summer as well. I’m sure you get the idea. So see what you can do with the templates below. Just Copy or Save them onto your computer.

You will see that the drawing style is loose and casual, which is often easier for elderly to work with, since the lines don’t have to be so careful and “perfect.” But feel free to trace them with a smoother line if you wish. You can even just outline the basic outer edges and make a silhouette.

Copyright Notice:  All art work on this animal template page is copyrighted with a copyright notice on each piece. You may use them for personal projects only (including those you may be doing for seniors and elderly). But they may not be posted on other web sites, sold, distributed. etc. Thank you.

bird free animal template
cat free animal template
black bird or crow free animal template
dog or puppy free animal template
puppy free animal template
frog free animal template
rooster free animal template
squirrel free animal template

Hope you enjoyed these!

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