Angel Valentine and Candy Holder

valentine angel craft

This cute angel valentine will tickle you pink. (Or someone). Use her to hold a candy (truffles or candy hearts are perfect too), a small box, a piece of keepsake jewelry you’d like to give away, or a valentine. There are all sorts of ways to decorate her too. Feel free, of course, to use red…or a combination of two colors.

This is a fun project for senior and elderly activities, but some may need a little help with parts of it. It can also be modified to make it easier. We offer various ideas in the instructions below.

(For more ideas for materials you can use, see our page on recycled crafts).

Angel Valentine Supplies:

  • Craft glue, scissors
  • Small valentine (you can make one)
  • Heart-shaped doily for wings
  • Round doily for base
  • Medium sized Styrofoam ball for head (I painted it white to make it smoother)
  • Pink (or red) paper cup; floral prints look great too
  • Pink cupcake paper
  • Pink pipe cleaner (or any wire will work)
  • Piece of lace for trim
  • Curly pink ribbon for hair
  • 2 pink hearts cut from paper for hands
  • Halo – I used a red foil heart
  • Toothpick to hold head on
  • Fine tip markers or acrylic paint to make face
  • Googly eyes
  • Piece of candy to set by the angel

First paint the head with white acrylic paint (painting is not necessary, but makes it smoother to paint on the face).
When the white paint is dry, then add the facial features.
Cut and curl the ribbon hair and glue or tack it on top of the head.
Poke holes into the sides of the cup and insert a small length of pipe cleaner into each.
Fold pipe cleaners over on the inside of the cup so they won’t come out.
Attach the cut pink hearts to the arms and glue in place.
Add in the valentine behind the arms. You can secure it with double-sided tape.
Poke a toothpick into the top of the cup.
Place the cupcake paper on top of the toothpick.
Then put the head into the toothpick.
Secure the halo with craft glue. (It also looks fantastic to glue on a little flameless, battery tea light candle, instead of a halo – you can decorate its edges with ribbon).
Glue the heart wings onto the back of the cup.
Wrap lace around the bottom of the cup and glue in place at the back.
Place the angel on a doily.
Add the piece of candy – and you’re done!

This angel valentine can hold anything in her hands that you’d like – special festive candy, a chocolate lollipop, a homemade treat. Maybe a special keepsake you’d like to pass on to someone. Or a valentine.

Boy Angel

Or perhaps you’d like this angel to be a boy. Just change the color scheme to red. Then slightly modify the hair, making it shorter and perhaps white. No lace, of course; a simple strip of colored or white ribbon will do. And the shape of the mouth can be a simple smile – no “lips”. The halo can be a circle of wire. Or even a white lifesaver candy. You can adhere it with frosting from a tube, which dries like glue. So the candy will be edible!

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