Elegant Glass Angel Craft

glass angel craft

Our glass angel craft is elegant and easy. A perfect senior activity; even suitable as a craft for the elderly (it’s easy to modify according to need).

You can make this angel from everyday items you may already have. Use them for centerpieces at home or at an event. Or as a candle holder. Also wonderful for a gift.

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Angel Craft Materials

What To Use

If you make these craft angels with a group, have everyone bring in all kinds of items to share – various glass vases, candle holders, flameless candles, ribbons and bows, doilies, lace, beads and old jewelry, fancy fabrics. Also items that men may prefer.

As usual, check inexpensive thrift stores, garage sales, and flea markets.

This glass angel craft can be as simple or involved as you’d like. You can also certainly find attractive plastic vases.

Just see what you have, look at the form and color of your vase or whatever you will be using for the body, and imagine. Also choose your color scheme. I used silver and white.

Other materials could be craft feathers, doilies, or cut paper for wings. I saw a fellow use a golf ball for the head (don’t know if his game improved or not)! Halos can be metallic wire or pipe cleaners, even circles of ribbon. Or string some beads. Just see what you have around or can collect to recycle for this project.

Here’s how I assembled the sample on this page. Think of what you’d like to do.

The Materials I Used:

  • Small glass vase, turned upside down
  • Silver Christmas ornament (plain) for head
  • White curling ribbon
  • Silver lacy metallic fabric, for wings
  • Bracelet for halo
  • Flameless tea light candle
  • Doily
  • CD (or small glass mirror works well) for base
  • Scissors and craft glue or glue gun (I used Tacky glue)

I wanted this glass angel craft to be simple, so I did not make a face on the ornament for the head, but you certainly can. I suggest a permanent fine-tipped marker, or acrylic paint. I also suggest keeping it simple. If you are creating a face, do it first before you glue the ornament onto its holder.

I then glued the ball onto the bottom side of the vase, which had been turned upside down to be the top. Since the vase was ornate, I did not use any additional lace or ribbon to decorate it, but that is an option you could use.

Next, I curled white ribbon and glued it onto the top of the ornament, so it hung down the sides. Smaller curls fringed the forehead. On top of that I placed a costume jewelry bracelet – faux pearls and silver.

I happened to also have a silvery metallic mesh fabric for the wings. I cut out two large ovals, then gathered each at one end, tying them securely with strong thread. These were then glued to the back of the angel’s vase body.

Lastly, I made the base. This was simply an old CD with a doily on it. On top of that I put a flameless tea light, then set the angel on top. When the tea light is turned on, it looks fantastic as it shines through the facets of the fluted glass “skirt” of the angel.

Below is another version of this angel craft, made into a centerpiece. If you use wired ribbon, you can form it into interesting curves.

Have fun making your own glass angel – add a little sparkle to your life or someone else’s!Keep the angel for yourself, use one or several as décor, or give it away.

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